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Spiritual Growth for Jews

We are ‘Jewish’ Stardust

By Avraham Rosenblum of the Diaspora Band On January 4th, 1971, I disembarked from the EL AL Boeing 707 at Lod Airport, suitcase and guitar in hand, in need of a change of scene. What I didn’t expect was the total change of direction I would take from following my dreams as an up-and-coming teen-aged […]

It’s All in the Details

By Azriela Jaffe The difference of just two words can make all the difference. I learned that today. I’m the college professor of English, journalism, and public speaking for Yeshiva at IDT, a yeshiva program for bochurim who learn Gemara in the Beis Midrash in the morning, and earn a bachelor’s degree in the afternoon. […]

Voting Closes Tomorrow!! Help Make A $100,000.00 Dream Come True

Please vote if you haven’t already. My daughters are fans of Yaldah Magazine. It is a magazine for Jewish girls created, written and edited by Jewish girls. Leah Larson, who started and runs Yaldah is a finalist in Wells Fargo’s “Someday Stories” contest and she is running neck and neck to win the grand prize […]

The Great Fruity Pebbles Fiasco

By Chaya Linn Act I – I’m doing laundry, the day before Pesach. Kim’s got stupid songs playing, Take me home, country road… Sorry about that. Now you’re humming it, aren’t you? She likes it, though. She’s dancing all around as she folds laundry. Act II I lost it totally tonight. I leave for one […]

The Man Chasing the Chicken (A True Story)

On my way home from synagogue last week, I stumbled across a most humorous sight. Here I am, living in an up-to-date city in Israel, a city comprised of many Americans who work in the high tech field and I see a small crowd of people (mainly Americans) gathered around an electric generator building talking […]

From “Another Brick in the Wall” to My Wall

In our home, there are two canvas framed photographs on opposite sides of the rear dining room wall. The one on the left depicts the famous archway in Tsfas (where everyone takes pictures) near the Alshich shul. Woven through the picture by way of superimposition is the blue wall of Tsfas. The photograph on the […]

Maybe G-d Wants Me to Have a Hummer

A few months back, on the way to work, my car started overheating big time. I pulled off the highway and into the closest service station. Since I had a meeting to attend, I called my assistant to pick me up and left the car at the shop. A few hours later, I received that […]

American Holidays – Thanksgiving Survival Guide, really short version

Of course they were parve. I couldn’t bring the traditional buttery potatoes to set along side the table of turkey and spiral-cut-you-know-what!

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