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Simcha: A Sign of the Times

R’ Jared Viders Ohr Somayach Monsey Now that Shavous is in the rear view mirror, the days seem somewhat amorphous in the unfolding drama of the Jewish calendar. Whereas other seasons carry distinct flavors – be it the Teshuva of Elul in preparation of Rosh Hashanah or the 49 days of the Omer in preparation […]

Rabbi Noach Weinberg on Happiness

Aish HaTorah’s Project Inspire sent an email in March 2006 with some thoughts from Rabbi Weinberg on the subject of happiness and suggested we share it with friends and family. Since we’re in the period of happiness in the Jewish Calendar we decided to repost it: Rabbi Noach Weinberg on Happiness 1. There are many […]

Some Random Thoughts on My Daughter and Son-in-law’s Upcoming Chasanah

Tonight’s the big night and we are grateful to Hashem for this joyous occasion. Here are some random thoughts: – It is possible to go from engagement to Wedding date in under 10 weeks – Getting your response cards in early is really appreciated – Sending a check with the response card, if you’re planning […]

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