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Getting Members Upset, Tzinuis, Awareness, Integration

Shul Politics on Why Shul Members Get Upset Rabbi Eliyahu Fink: There is No Tent Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller mp3s from November 22 – Queens visit on Tzinuis and Bein Adam L’Chaveiro can be downloaded here. on Not Sleeping Through Life can be downloaded here. on Closing The Gap Between Mind, Heart, Action can be downloaded […]

Torah From Queens

A New Weekly Shiur by Rabbi Bentzion Chait on Integrating Torah into Daily Life as Per Chovos Halevavos begins this Wednesday at 8:30 PM at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel. (Check the website at if you can’t make it). Bava Basra Siyum – R’ Moshe Schwerd, R’ Ruby Ginsberg, R’ Steve Weiss give some nice vorts […]

MP3 Shiurim – R’ Welcher, R’ Sammet, R’Schwerd, R’Rosenberg, R’Haber

Here are some recent Shiurim. The best way to download is to right click on the link and select Save Target As to save it to your PC’s hard drive. Rabbi Welcher on Tisha B’Av Rabbi Welcher on Pizza, Schnitzel and Apple Pie Rabbi Welcher on Amira L’Akum R’ Moshe Schwerd on Bringing Korbanos With […]

Shiur in KGH Area – This Shabbos: Kiruv Rechokim: The Key To Bringing Moshiach?

Shiur This Shabbos In Kew Gardens Hills Area: Kiruv Rechokim: The Key To Bringing Moshiach? This Shabbas afternoon (7/14) Michael Gros will be delivering a shiur in his shul titled “Kiruv Rechokim: The Key To Bringing Moshiach?” There are several hints in the Torah and Nach about the Kiruv revolution, and specifically that it will […]

Rav Daniel Feldman on Shaloch Manos

Rav Daniel Feldman’s shiur on Shaloch Manos can be downloaded here. Rav Feldman traces many of the disagreements in Shaloch Manos to a Teshuva of the Chasam Sofer who discusses the essence of Shaloch Manos. Is it like the Terumas HaDeshen who holds that the purpose of Shaloch Manos is to help people make the […]

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