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Shavuos – Not Just Another Joe

Rabbi Frand relates the following: The Talmud relates [Pesachim 68b] that Rav Yosef would make a tremendous party on Shavuos. He would say, “If not for this special day (on which the Torah was given), look how many Yosefs there are in the market place”. If not for the fact that I as a Jew […]

All Dressed Up…

Years back, as I was beginning to become more observant, I had the opportunity to learn for a few months at a Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. I was fortunate to have found a chavrusah who was a great guy and at a similar stage in life; becoming more observant, thirsting for growth while struggling to maintain […]

Shavuot and Teshuvah

By: Cosmix X in Jerusalem The “time of the giving of our Torah” is near. We count the days from Passover until Shavuot, connecting the physical freedom of the exodus from Egypt with the spiritual freedom of receiving the Torah: And it says (Exodus 32:16): “And the tablets are the work of G-d, and the […]

The 60 Second Guide to Shavuos

The foundation of Judaism is that there is a G-d, who is completely spiritual. G-d created both a physical and spiritual world. The centerpiece of creation is man who is composed of a physical body and a spiritual soul. Our collective purpose is to transform the world into a unified G-d connected spiritual world. To […]

Links for Hundreds of Articles and Audios for Shavuos

YU Torah – Shavuot To Go 5771 by various Authors Shavuos Articles from Shavuot from Wikipedia Shavuot Articles and Audio from Ohr Somayach Shavuot Articles from Aish YU Torah – Hundreds of Shavuot Shiurim by various Speakers Shavuos Articles from Torah Lab Shavuos Articles from Shavuos Audio from Shavuos Audio from […]

The One Minute Shavuous

I have the good fortune to keep in touch online and offline with many non-observant friends from my childhood. Before Pesach a few of them were in search of a 2-5 minute seder, so I cut down the Beyond BT Guide to the Seder to it’s bare bone essentials using the logic that any mitzvah […]

Some Shavuos Links

Yitz at the Heichal HaNegina in Yerushalayim has this post on Akadamus. Chaim Shulman’s Internet Parsha Sheet has some great stuff as usual. Rabbi Brody has a good post on Converts and Moshiach. Rabbi Josh Flug from YU Torah on the Minhag of Eating Dairy Products on Shavuos. Over at Aish: Beyond BT contributor Yaakov […]

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