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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Kedoshei Har Nof Fund

The kedoshim who were just brutally murdered, whether they were professionals, kollelleit or Roshei Yeshivah; were also breadwinners for their families. The many widows and orphans left behind have more to contend with them than the gnawing void in their hearts; they must also deal with the gaping shortfall in their budget. Please give generously […]

The Practical Spiritual Growth Project

Introduction The goal of mitzvos is to develop a deeper connection to Hashem. If we perform mitzvos and say brachos with more Kavanna, they will have a bigger impact on our connection to Hashem. Good places to start are with mitzvos and brachos that we perform every day. Here are four daily mitzvos/brachos: 1. Birchos […]

Shabbos Nachamu Retreat with Shaya Ostrov, Rabbi Label Lam, Mrs. Azriela Jaffe

This coming Shabbos Nachamu, August 8th – 10th, Ora V’Simcha, the family division of Ohr Somayach. will be hosting another of their highly acclaimed weekend retreats at the Beit Shvidler Conference Center. This retreat will afford participants with an extremely inspiring and rewarding program. Ora V’Simchas weekend retreats are famous for the way in which […]

The Weekly Tefilah Focus Can Transform Your Tefilah in 5 Minutes Per Week

♦ Do you wish your Davening left you uplifted, inspired, and feeling closer to Hashem? ♦ Invest less than 5 minutes per WEEK to optimize the time you are already investing in Tefilah. ♦ Each week, read, listen, or view concisely but powerfully presented material on short segments of Tefilah. ♦ Internalize through daily review […]

Charlie Harary and Brevedy Help You Move from Inspiration to Change

I recently had the good fortune to find Charlie Harary’s 10 part Audio Course on Change. I listened to it twice because it is packed with so many powerful ideas to help you realize change. I mentioned the series to David, and suggested that perhaps we could make a 3 minute Brevedy video to highlight […]

Would You Like to Share Your Experience as a Frum Women Without Children

Bayla Sheva Brenner, senior writer at the Orthodox Union (OU), is currently writing an article about frum women without children. She will be focusing on how these Jewish woman must dig deep to discover their G-d given mission on this world, and despite the pain and the constant reminders of the lack, are building their […]

You Give Us 3 Minutes, and We’ll Give You the 7 Habits

We’ve posted about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a few times here on Beyond BT because it contains many valuable ideas to help us get more out of life. Many Jewish people we’ve met have read and praised the book. There is one small problem, many people can’t actually remember the habits, and […]

Are You a BT Employing Your Secular Professional Skills to Benefit the Frum Community?

A senior writer at the OU is conducting research for an article about baalei teshuvah employing the professional skills they had previously used in the secular arena to benefit the frum community. Examples thus far include: french horn player now ba’al toke’a, modern dancer in Merce Cunningham troupe currently working with frum individuals with MS, […]

The Future of Beyond BT

We founded Beyond BT in December 2005, with the goal of helping second stage Baalei Teshuva, those who’ve already made a commitment to a Torah centered life. With the help of our contributors and commentors over the years, we’ve published over 1,800 posts and 29,000 comments on issues of integration and spiritual growth. Although we’ll […]

Beyond Teshuva Unmasked – A Look Behind the Scenes

Purim is the holiday where G-d parts the curtains and gives us a glance at what goes on behind the scenes. In that spirit, we here at Beyond Teshuva would like to give you a glance at what goes on behind the scenes adminstering the blog. In doing so, we have reproduced a sample of […]

For Children of BTs – Would You Like to Participate in a Study?

You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by Tova Lane, PsyM, a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. The research study is being conducted for a dissertation study. All information recorded in this survey is anonymous. This means there will be no recording of any information […]

A Few Links

Growing Your Shul With Torah Learning – Part 2 New York Times selects Orthodox Jews as growing NY power group Internet Filters for the Orthodox Jew Who Is Wise, Strong, Rich and Honored

Creating a Torah Based Growth Culture

The Growth Culture Shul series continues at Shul Politics with Growing Your Shul With Torah Learning – Part 1.

The Rise of The Growth Culture Shul

A new post on The Rise of The Growth Culture Shul. The articulation of the above post was inspired by the Growth Oriented Culture of Baalei Teshuva, the recent Spiritual Connection Issue of Klal Perspectives, email discussions with one of the editors, emails and comments on the topic with Neil Harris and Micha Berger […]

Appreciating the Quirks of Shul Members

A new post on Appreciating the Quirks of Shul Members

Make Your Sefira Count – Review the Six Constant Mitzvos

Sign up to learn The Six Constant Mitzvos from Peasch to Shavous with thousands across the world and make your sefirah count!!! Short daily emails containing a lesson a day including 3 videos on each mitzvah. Learn the Torah’s framework for living with a vibrant Emunah and developing a meaningful relationship with Hashem. visit […]

The Politics of Passover

A new post on The Politics of Passover

Free Teleconference: Halacha & Harmony: Improving the Relationships within your Home

Halacha & Harmony: Improving the Relationships within your Home Rav Doniel Neustadt, Rosh Av Beis Din, Vaad HaRabbonim of Greater Detroit Date: Wednesday, March 28th Time: 9:30 to 10:00 pm. Call Number: 712-432-1001 Access Code: 474 399 673# In this Teleconference you will learn about the following topics: 1. Children in shul 2. Pesach Chumros […]

Shul Fees – Avoiding Taxation Without Representation

A new post on Shul Fees – Avoiding Taxation Without Representation.

Shortening Shabbos Davening

A new post on Shortening Shabbos Davening

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