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Do You Have An Adult OTD Son/Daughter, Spouse/Ex, or Sibling?

For over a decade, our staff members at Project YES have been counseling the immediate family members of teenagers and/or adults who are no longer observant (commonly referred to as OTD “Off the Derech” [Derech is the Hebrew word for path]). In nearly all instances, we very strongly advise parents and siblings to maintain close […]

More Information Please

By Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum After granting us permission to reprint this article on Beyond BT, Rabbi Rosenblum wished to add the following notes: I’m highly skeptical that ba’alei teshuva kids constitute anything like a majority. I think Kiryat Sefer is a special case. Lakewood and Gateshead have lots of drop-outs and few BTs. My criticism […]

Why People Leave Torah Observance

Here are some different thoughts in the comments from this recent thread Ora: 1) It is easier to be secular than to be frum. 2) The values of outside society tend to contradict a lot of things found in Torah. Many Jews I know who became less religious/irreligious had problems with the prohibition on intermarriage, […]

Are More Jews Ceasing to Be Observant than Starting?

Let me state at the outset, I have not taken a survey. But lately there seem to be more and more books appearing on the shelves hinting at the enormity of the problem, sort of like the tip of the iceberg, to use an overworked cliché. The one that springs to mind is “Off the […]

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