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Be Aware of the Aisle Rule; Rabbi Tatz on Purim and Adam’s Sin; Losing Tinok Shenishba Status

Violating the “Aisle Rule” in the Holy Land Rabbi Tatz on Purim & The Sin of Adam Losing Tinok Shenishba Status

Sharing the Joy: Your Shul and Your Wedding; Judaism and Positive Psychology; Iranian TV and Me

Sharing the Joy: Your Shul and Your Wedding. Born to Bentch: Judaism and Positive Psychology Iranian TV and Me Get Beyond BT via Email Enter your Email Address

Are Blogging Rabbis Good for Shuls; GTD Concepts in One Page; Adar, Simcha and Household Help mp3s

Is a Blogging Rabbi Good For Your Shul? Getting Things Done Concepts in a One Page Graphic. Adar, Simcha and Household Help mp3s

Personalized Psak; The Case for Rabbinic Blogging; Are You Getting Enough Things Done

Personalized Psak and Guidance – The Rabbi Relationship Requirement The Case for Rabbinic Blogging Are You Getting Enough Things Done? (Concepts of GTD, one of the most popular organization and time management frameworks.)

Clarity at the Kotel; InfoGraphic, Video & Audio on Change; The Danger of Too Much Information

Clarity at the Kotel – Getting Shuls Right InfoGraphic, Video and Audio for Change, Grow and Be Great The Danger of Too Much Information

Air Travel Davening; Canadian PM Strong Israel Supporter; Shul Members Give More

Dilemmas of Air Travel Davening Coming from Ben Gurion on Monday, we were stopped for a short while for the Canadian PM. It’s great to see PM Stephen Harper is such a strong supporter of Israel. Synagogue Members Give The Most Charity

The Mixed Shul Kiddush; Change Thru Desire & Big Goals; Yisro; Selling Spirituality Pitfalls

The Mixed Shul Kiddush – Navigating Changing Circumstances Change requires desire, realizing your power, and big goals The Vendor Trap: Why Selling Spirituality Doesn’t Work Parsha Yisro Dvar Torah Selections here and here.

Shuls and Kids, Change Essentials, Torah Observance Tool or Goal?

Youth Groups, Kids and Responsible Parents Change requires Inspiration, Mentality, Control, Focus and Desire Is Torah observance a tool or a goal?

3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great; A Shul Grows in East Boca; Who Needs Miracles Anyway?

3 Minutes to Change, Grow, Be Great – Video based on Charlie Harary’s Change Series A Shul Grows in East Boca Who Needs Miracles Anyway?

Eat Better, Learn Faster, Give More, National Holiday Minyan, Open Heart Surgery

Eat Better, Learn Faster, Give More The National Holiday Minyan Schedule Va’eira: Open Heart Surgery

Get Happy, Healthy, Organized, Less Annoyed While Davening, Involved Learning Shemos

Get happy, healthy and organized. Get Less Annoyed While Davening. Get Involved Learning Shemos.

Get Things Done; Get a Gan; Get Smart About Abuse

Our Latest Video on Brevedy on the Task & Project Management Classic: Getting Things Done in 3 Minutes If You Can Get a Gan Running for Your Shul, You’ll Benefit Greatly: Get Yourself a Gan Get Smart About Abuse by David Mandel, David Pelcovitz, Ph.D and Dr. Susan Schulman: Preventing Child Molestation: A Guide for […]

Are BTs are Born to Rebel; Communal Rabbis are Our Best Friends; You Give Us 3 Minutes And We’ll Give You…

It’s a Baal Teshuva’s Job to Rebel Against the Orthodox World – Please don’t try this at home. I guess it depends what you mean by job, rebel and the Orthodox World? A worthwhile read nonetheless from a fellow BT traveler. A Call for More Rabbinic Collaboration – Communal Rabbis are the most important resource […]

Learning; Chanukah; Thanksgiving

Learn Something New About Learning Chanukah Politics Thoughts on Thanksgiving Foods and Feeds Roots of Thanksgivukkah

Authentic Happiness; Finding Shul Officers: Beg, Buy or Recycle; Great Free mp3s

*VIDEO: 3 Minutes to Authentic Happiness* : our latest 3 minute video on Brevedy. Finding Shul Officers: Beg, Buy or Recycle : Eventually it will come to that. Classic Sinai – 26 great free mp3s : How many have you heard?

Google Does a Chesed; Get Healthier; Top Ten Kashrus

Google Shareable Spreadsheet Drives Chesed Uptick Get Healthier – Dieting, Sleeping, Exercising, Getting Happier on Brevedy Top Ten cRc Kashrus Questions

Making Time To Do What we Really Need To Do

Time is a critical factor in the lives of observant and growth oriented Jews. Can’t talk, I’m late for Shul. 5 minutes to candlelighting! Last time for shema is 8:43. Gotta find time to learn. Sometimes, I feel like I’m constantly on the go. The fact that we generally have more responsibilities and time constraints […]

Links for 11/7; A Must See Time Management Tool; Shul Finance Basics; Top MO Torah Site

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most effective time management techniques ever devise. We put together at very short 2.5 video at Brevedy so you can learn the essential aspects. Do yourself a favor and take a look. Time Focusing in 2.5 minutes. The Power of the Pomodoro. Shul Finance basics that everyone Shul […]

Links for 10/31: Talking During Leining; Bageling; DST, Giving for Happiness & Evil Potato Chips

When a “Talking During Leining” Breach is Better Left Untouched The Great Bagel(ing) Mystery Has Been Solved! SAT causes Sloppy Writing, DST Ending is Good, Giving fpr Happiness, Evil Potato Chips and More on Brevedy

Links for 10/24; Learn 7 Powerful Habits Quickly; Shalosh Seudos is the New Shul Social; Secret Life of Gershon Burd

The 7 Habits in 3 Minutes Shalosh Seudos is the New Shul Social The Secret Life of Gershon Burd

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