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Introduction to Learning Gemora

In July 2009, my Partners in Torah chavrusa wanted to learn Gemora. We started learning the second perek of Bava Metzia about returning lost objects. We used Art Scroll for the basic flow and translation and then we discussed in depth on each step of the Gemora. It caused a good deal of brain pain […]

The Power of Great Torah Teaching in Great Neck

When my wife and were becoming observant, more that 25 years ago, we lived in Manhasset Hills on the North Shore of Long Island. However much of our initial Torah growth occurred in Great Neck under the tutelage of Rabbi Yaakov Lerner and Rebbetzin Abby Lerner of the Young Israel of Great Neck. I would […]

The Mystical Magic of “When The Ox Gores the Cow”

The following story appeared in Rabbi Frand’s parsha archives: I will tell you over a story that I heard from a prominent individual who works in Jewish Outreach. When he was he was newly married, and studying at a Rabbinic seminary in Israel, he couldn’t afford an apartment in the desirable sections of Jerusalem. […]

Enhance Your Talmud Learning Skills With a Free App, Free Videos and a Three in One Translation

In Derech Hashem, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (Ramchal) explains that the most powerful positive spiritual influences are brought into this world through the learning of Torah. The deeper one understands Torah, the more powerful the spiritual influence brought down. One of the primary ways to get a deeper understanding of Torah is the learning of […]

Life is Too Short – So Why Waste Precious Time

It’s week 2 for Pirkei Avos and in Mishnah 20, Rabbi Tarfon said, “the day is short, the work is great, the workers are lazy, the reward is great, and the Master of the house presses.” The Maharal explains that this Mishna refers to learning Torah and since life is too short we cannot afford […]

Must You Blog Thirty Days Before Pesach about Pesach?

Rabbi Welcher gave a shiur last week about “Thirty Days Before the Chag” and three ways that Gemora is understood. Go download it and give it a listen when you have the chance. Pesach is the holiday which requires the most preparation, has the most mitzvos, and affords us the opportunity to make significant spiritual […]

The Tefilla Gathering and Going Beyond Ultra

I went to the Tefilla Gathering on Sunday in the Wall Street area. It was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem as 40,000 Jews gathered peacefully to pray. The next day a friend emailed me this Voz Iz Neias link with my picture and the following caption: Ultra Orthodox men in downtown Manhattan protesting the plan to […]

Why Not Get Yourself an Internet Parsha Rebbe

Many observant Jews believe in the primacy of Torah and the necessity to never stop learning and growing. However, it’s often hard to find the right class at the right time by the right teacher. If you’re looking to learn the Parsha, your problem is solved. You can find yourself an Internet Parsha Rebbe. I’ve […]

Siyum HaShas – 90,000 Jews Learning, Davening, Singing and Dancing Together

Hashem says hello by stopping the rain at the start of the program. All the rest is commentary. Now go learn. Daf Yomi begins the next cycle with Berachos 2a on Friday Aug 3rd, 2012.

Should Jews be Paid to Study Torah?

I signed up this year to participate in a Bet Midrash program for international students studying abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The program pairs local English speakers with students to study in a one-on-one chevruta. I had participated in a similar program as a young professional back in Washington, D.C. and got so much […]

The Challenge of Learning Time Allocation

By Ilene Rosenblum Compared with 2009, in 2010 I was a total Torah study slacker. On the one hand, I know that I need to, well, cut myself slack. I’m a working woman, and a kallah at that! It would seem though, that now, more than ever, would I need some structure and guidance that […]

Mishnayos Yomi – It’s a Great Idea

The new Mishanayos Yomi cycle start on Sunday July 4th with Masechta Berachos. You learn 2 mishnayos a day and you can finish all of Shas in 5 1/2 years. It’s not hard and it’s a great accomplishment. There are audio files here which take only 5 minutes per day. Rav Grossman also has audio […]

Rabbi Shimon Green on Loving to Learn Torah

Rabbi Shimon Green gave a unique shiur on loving Torah and helping our children love Torah. You can download it here. True Torah is pleasant to learn. Locking our children into Torah is not a true path. Torah is sweet and pleasant when properly taught and understood. Humility is the starting point of learning. When […]

Translated Text of Pirkei Avos – and What Are The Most Popular Sayings

As many of you know, there is a widespread Jewish custom of learning Pirkei Avos in the six week period between Pesach and Shavous. Some have the custom to keep on learning a perek a week until Rosh Hoshana. Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld of Beit Shemesh, Israel has an excellent commentary to Pirkei Avos over at […]

How to Learn Hebrew: A Guide for Ba’al Teshuvahs who Can’t get to Yeshivah

By Ari Mendelson For many a Ba’al Teshuvah, the classic works of Jewish thought are a sealed book. From time immemorial, the international languages of Jewish scholarship have been Hebrew, Aramaic, and a Hebrew/Aramaic blend. However, few Jews who grew up outside of Orthodoxy or outside of Israel have had the opportunity to learn these […]

Transitioning to Torah and Tefillah

The Yomim Noraim period has ended and what a whirlwind it was. From Rosh Hoshana through Yom Kippur the call of the hour was intensified Tefillah. From there we transition to a focus on the mitzvah performance of Sukkah and the four species and the added joy and festive meals of the Yom Tovim. Now […]

Some Great Free Torah Audio & Video Sites

Naaleh.Com will be offering a series of beginner level classes, called Fundamentals of Judaism. This is a video course focusing on practical Halacha. Now, a newcomer to Jewish observance will have the ability to learn the basic practices of an observant Jew via our new course, “Practical Judaism”. The course will cover all daily […]

Torah is Cool on You Tube

If you haven’t see the Blueprint Video take a look and send the link to your family and friends. If enough people view it, perhaps it will make the most viewed pages, spreading the joy of learning Torah to even more Jews.

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller on Friendship, Parenting, Ayin Tova, Making Changes

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller came to Kew Gardens Hills on May 6th and 7th and we (Mark and his wife) were priviledged to host her for part of her stay. She is one the most clear thinking people in the Orthodox world as well as a wonderful speaker and writer. Please download these mp3s and avail […]

A Premature Depth

By Yaakov Eric Ackland Imagine wanting to be a neurosurgeon and beginning by doing an extended and intensive study of the hypothalamus alone, rather than first studying general anatomy and the principles of medicine, and instead of even studying the general schema of the brain itself. Would you buy a lobotomy, let alone a sophisticated […]

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