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How to Make a Bar Mitzvah and Actually Enjoy It

Having made two bar mitzvah’s within one year (no twins either!) and another one several years ago, I have some experience which I would be happy to share with Beyond BT readers who have reached this point in their family lives. Practical Points The most important thing is to make a list of all required […]

Lifecycle Events – Tips on Making a Wedding, a Bar Mitzvah or a Bris

I’m 53, I’ve been a Baalas-Teshuvah since June 1974, when I was 17-1/2. Since then, I’ve gotten married and had seven children (four girls, three boys, in that order) and ten gorgeous grandchildren (so far). The first generation has had six weddings (the youngest boy not yet, he’s only 19), three Bar Mitzvahs, and three […]

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