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Spiritual Growth for Jews

The Jewish Flame – Free Torah Classes

The Jewish Flame, a Jewish education organization, will be holding its annual Summer IThe Jewish Flame, a Jewish education organization, will be holding its annual Summer Institute again this year. Four nights a week in Manhattan, you can learn any aspect of Judaism that interests you. Whether you’d like to learn Bible, Midrash, Jewish Wisdom […]

A Quest for a New Type of Yeshiva

Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer is in the process of starting a new Yeshiva based on the principles of Torah Im Derech Eretz and ideas addressed by Dr Nathan Birnbaum. Below is a 1927 address by Dr Birnbaum with comments by Rabbi Bechhofer regarding how he hopes to implement these ideals. Organized Orthodoxy is obliged to […]

Rightsizing Our Children’s Education

Educating our children l’derech Hashem is a chiyuv that we have as adults, rabbonim, educators, parents and a community. This is certainly not a newsflash. So why do I raise the issue? Imagine that after camp ends in August, you take your child shopping for new Shabbos and school clothes. Money, of course, is usually […]

A College Education?

A blast from the past. Originally posted on June 13, 2006. I’ve seen many comments in response to “Sam Smith’s” “Financial Realities in the Frum World” that talk about the undesirability of sending one’s kids to public schools. Specifically, part of Alter Klein’s comment #169 stood out to me: “If we send our kids to […]

Was Yehoshua In Danger of Going Off the Derech

Rabbi Yaacov Haber, who resides in Eretz Yisroel has a great piece in which he gives us some insights into children who might walk away from their heritage: Over the years I have worked with hundreds of these young men and women. It has been my experience that many of them are the sweetest, gentlest, […]

Suggestions to Address the Tuition Crisis

Although some commentors had suggested a desire to get Beyond Tuition, we clearly see this issue is causing much pain for the frum middle case. We thought it made sense to “promote to post” some suggestions Charnie, Tzvi, Sefardi Lady and others in the Beyond BT community have made on the tuition issue to date. […]

Inspiration Winter Retreat – A Workout for the Soul – For Women Only

Our contributor, Dina Mensch, is an organizer of an Exceptional Three-Day Torah Learning Experience for Beginning and Intermediate Learners. on Presidents Weekend Shabbos-Mon February 17-20, 2006. Sunday learnng program begins 9:00 AM. at Congregation Beis Torah U’Tefila 218 Aycrigg Ave, Passaic NJ in the Downstairs Simcha Hall. For Reservations and information contact Mrs. Dina Mensch […]

Using Art Scroll

It’s interesting that Chafetz Chaim allows ArtScroll Gemaras inside the Beis Medrash. OTOH, I see that my comments re gaining textual fluency are not completely unfounded. I think that textual literacy means the basic ability to work at ease with the classical texts and understanding what is happening in a passuk with the classical Mfarshim […]


I’m glad that my comment generated some responses. Here are some comments: 1) It helps if you are a voracious reader. I have been since my childhood days. That being said, it pays to read the best of the Charedi and MO world’s publications. I like Jewish Action, Mishpacha and the Jewish Press. The Jewish […]

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