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Soy? Oy!

Copyright: HealthyJewishCooking.Com By Chaya Rivka Zwolinski How should I prepare tofu? That’s the question I probably hear the most often from you. The answer? Don’t! Well, unless you have specific nutrition needs. Then you can make it sometimes for a treat. Like steak. Soy beans are one of the most difficult beans to digest and […]

Social Kosher Cookery

One of the best kosher cooking sites we’ve seen is Culinary Kosher. It’s a social recipe site with lots of sharing. A recent post aggregated 19 Purim Seudah Appetizers Choices. Here’s the blurb: With Purim (See our Purim Recipes & More page) right around the corner everybody has Purim Seudah on their mind. A great […]

Easy TuBishvat Combo–Almond-Silan Baked Apples for TuBishvat

By Tzirel Chana at Kosher Home Cooking. TuBishvat isn’t some kind of trivial pursuit question (remember that 80s game in which players showed off their command of arcane and irrelevant information) TuBishvat is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud’s list of New Years (Any cheder boy will tell you that there are four the best known […]

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