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Skepticism — the Beginning of True Faith

Why do the episodes of the war with Amalek and Yisro’s arrival serve as lead-ins to the revelation at Sinai and the Decalogue? Is it better to be shrewd or gullible? Is there any room for skepticism in the hearts and minds of believers in the 13 Articles of Faith? And [thus] Yehoshua weakened Amalek […]

No More Church, No More Friend

By Aliza Hausman When I was converting to Judaism, I asked a rabbi if I could walk into a church again. I wasn’t planning on returning for services but I had my sights on visiting the Sistine Chapel someday. It was also a question that bothered many of my Christian friends, particularly my friend, […]

Born Anew or Born a Jew?

Rabbi Dovid Schwartz Over the past several years a number of special “dedicated” Shabosos have emerged on the frum Jewish scene. We have AJOP and Torah U’Mesorah conventions, various Kiruv Outfits running Seminar weekends, a Hatzolah appeal Shabbos, a consciousness-raising Shabbos Machsom L’fee for Shmiras Halashon awareness and, on the west coast, a Shabbos Chizuk. […]

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