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What’s the real BT Impact to the Religious Jewish World?

by Reb Akiva from Mystical Paths One often wonders, what’s the real BT impact to the religious Jewish world? After all, most of our vaunted institutions are run by rosh yeshvot with yichus (distinguished family heritage), and the institutions are often a generational family project. Similarly the big and famous rabbaim (rabbis), those giving the […]

Fear Within, Fear Without: Why the Movement Could have Changed the World and Why it Didn’t

Rabbi Francis Nataf, Executive Director of David Cardozo Academy Synopsis. Many BTs in the 70s and 80s felt that the ba’al teshuva movement was going to change the world by providing the bridge to bring back the lion’s share of world Jewry to a vibrant Orthodoxy. Unfortunately many of the framers of the ba’al teshuva […]

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