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Let My RV Go!

Let My RV Go! – by Nicole Nathan. Review by Batya Medad Web site for the book I never got up the guts to publically laugh at myself the way Nicole Nathan, the author of Let My RV does in her wonderfully entertaining book. Let My RV Go! can be purchased in both eformat and […]

A Good Book on The Good Book

In the past we’ve solicited advice on and discussed various books here on BBT. See, for example, Introduction to Judaism Books – Are There Any Must Reads?, The Most Important Sefer to Learn, and Beyond BT Survival Kit – Pick Six Books. I’d like to hear your thoughts, recommendations and advice limited to Parsha books […]

The Book of the People – The ArtScroll Siddur at 25

Assuming I must have missed something — something that would be hard to miss, but stranger things have happened — I did a Google search before I wrote this article: ARTSCROLL SIDDUR ANNIVERSARY — nope. Too narrow? ARTSCROLL ANNIVERSARY … Nope. For all practical purposes, at least as far as I can tell, the 25th […]

Review of Sondra’s Search – About Being Jewish in Rural Kansas

By Sybil Kaplan Most writers write about what they know best, their own lives and experiences. This is the case of Ester Katz Silvers in “Sondra’s Search,” a novel for middle school and high school youth. The prologue introduces the reader to the heroine, Sondra Apfelbaum, who is returning from Israel with her fiancé. The […]

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