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The Weekly Tefilah Focus Can Transform Your Tefilah in 5 Minutes Per Week

Posted on | May 1, 2014 | By Administrator | 1 Comment

♦ Do you wish your Davening left you uplifted, inspired, and feeling closer to Hashem?

♦ Invest less than 5 minutes per WEEK to optimize the time you are already investing in Tefilah.

♦ Each week, read, listen, or view concisely but powerfully presented material on short segments of Tefilah.

♦ Internalize through daily review when you say that week’s segment in your Tefilos.

♦ Bezras Hashem, be amazed at the improvement in your Tefilos over time.

♦ PARTICIPATE in the Weekly Tefilah Focus program by visiting or call 844-TEFILAH (833-4524).

♦ Sign up for a weekly e-mail, containing text, audio & video, by sending an email to with subscribe in the subject line.


One Response to “The Weekly Tefilah Focus Can Transform Your Tefilah in 5 Minutes Per Week”

  1. Steve Brizel
    May 5th, 2014 @ 3:40 pm

    I think that the subject of Tefilah, which is a huge part of Msecta Brachos, and SA Orach Chaim, deserves in depth study, which is devoted to the meaning and structure of each part of the Tefilos for weekdays, Shabbos, Shalosh Regalim and Yamim Noraim. There are so many Ikarei Emunah in Amidah for each of the above days that we are missing out on by not delving in depth into Tefilah.

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