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Links for the Week Ending 2/28/2013 – Collecting Outstanding Balances, Practical Chareidi IDF Participation, BTs Need to Create

Collecting Outstanding Balances From Members Principle vs Pragmatism in Chareidi IDF participation. Why Baal Teshuvas Need to Make Art

What Changes in Kiruv Have You Seen Over the Years?

The Hamodia magazine ran an article titled “Whatever Happened to Kiruv? – Three Critical Changes in Today’s Outreach”. Here are the three changes they spelled out: 1) The character of potential Baalei Teshuva has changed from someone looking to find themselves to someone looking to learn more about Judaism. 2) Kiruv is no longer the […]

Friends, just

Friendship is a funny thing. Or not so funny. They once had a funny TV show called “Friends.” It was about a group of attractive young men and women who were all “friends,” neighbors, roommates. To no one’s surprise, pretty much everyone ended being “more than friends” with everyone else of the opposite sex, at […]

BBT Links for February 21st

Ten Ideas For Purim Klal Perspectives Readers Respond to the Review of Kiruv Issue YU’s Purim to Go – Last 4 Years Tons of Free MP3s about Purim

Can We Commit to True Unity for Purim?

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato writes in “The Way of G-d”: …Purim involved Israel being saved from destruction during the Babylonian exile. As a result of this they reconfirmed their acceptance of the Torah, this time taking it upon themselves forever. Our Sages teach us that “they accepted the Torah once again in the days of […]

American Pie Purim

It’s become a tradition here in St. Louis that my wife and I invite the Yeshiva High School senior boys over each year for our Purim seuda. Given the logistics of our house, the males gather around a long table in the den while the women watch in amusement and, occasionally, dismay from the relative […]

Beyond Teshuva Unmasked – A Look Behind the Scenes

Purim is the holiday where G-d parts the curtains and gives us a glance at what goes on behind the scenes. In that spirit, we here at Beyond Teshuva would like to give you a glance at what goes on behind the scenes adminstering the blog. In doing so, we have reproduced a sample of […]

BBT LInks for February 14th, Thermometers, Purim Spirit, Day School Enrollment Drivers

Thermometers and The Problem of Objective Standards Funny Purim spirit Learning From Parent Voices: What Drives Orthodox Day School Enrollment

Suggestions for a Study Program for a Well Educated Baalat Teshuva

Dear Beyond BT Readers, I am a 33 year old baalat teshuva. I am considering attending a study program in Israel next year, and am looking for advice about which are best suited for a women with a postgraduate education. I’d like a seminary that is Orthodox and were I’ll be exposed to different hashkafot. […]

The Three Stages of Judaism for BTs and FFBs

A Baal Teshuva is usually introduced to authentic Judaism by learning Torah. Different people are exposed to different topics, but the first stage is usually Torah with little or no mitzvah observance. After some time learning Torah, the observance of mitzvos begins. The time frame can vary greatly dependending on the person and the environment. […]

BBT Links for February 7th – The Oneg, Soho Outreach, Ed Koch’s Tombstone

The Oneg A SoHo Synagogue Exports Its Own Brand of Jewish Outreach Ed Koch’s Tombstone – My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish

An Unusual Dilemma

Since this is an interesting discussion, we’re going to leave this post on top today. – admins This is probably not the sort of post that you will accept or run on BeyondBT, but it is very sincere and I would love to see what your posters have to say about my dilemma: I grew […]

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