How Do You Handle Socialization at Work?

The work environment can be difficult. Building and maintaining appropriate fences while at the same time being a team player is a challenge.

How have you handled it?

What social activities do you participate in at work?

Do you go to holiday parties?

What are the ideas that have worked best for you?

One comment on “How Do You Handle Socialization at Work?

  1. My office had a holiday party this year that I did attend. It was at a night club that had been rented out. There was kosher food available for those of us who would eat it (the corporation I work for is owned by frum Jews). I didn’t hang out on the dance floor and only ordered soda from the open bar.

    Once a month my office has a pitch-in lunch. The other Frum person in my department and I will either bring in soda, chips, or dessert. This way we are contributing to the cause.

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