What Does Your Chanukah Party Look Like?

Chanukah is a great time for family get-togethers. Since BTs have smaller observant extended families, it’s sometimes hard to fill the party list.

Do you have a Chanukah Party?

Is it mostly non-observant family?

Do your kids miss not having a bigger party like some of their friends?

5 comments on “What Does Your Chanukah Party Look Like?

  1. President Obama is hosting a Chanukah party at the White House on Thursday night, featuring a Menorah from Long Beach, New York that was saved from the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy. Regrettably, I did not merit an invitation (I believe that the Maccabeats from YU were invited to last year’s party).

  2. Chanukah invariably has one day that falls out on a Sunday. I think that BTs should try to make the effort either to host a party on that day ( preferably with Hadlakas Neros Chanukah) or try to participate in a family party so long as they can either bring their own food or kosher food from a kosher establishment with a reputable hashgacha is provided and there are no issues of basar vchalav, bishul akum implicated.

  3. Over the years our Chanukahs have been pretty boring, although we sing and I make latkes, because we have no family who are interested in marking the occasion. This year I am considering making a Chanukah party and inviting a few other BT “Chanukah orphan” families like ours who don’t exactly have a rousing good time over the chag.

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