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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Inspired and the Art of Denial

Blast from the past. Originally posted 12/29/2005. Rabbi Yitz Greenman Aish HaTorah / Discovery Being involved in the filming of Inspired was truly a zechus for which I’m grateful to Hashem and a most enjoyable process from beginning to end. That being said, there were some sad moments and I would like to share them […]

BBT Links for December 27th, Unintended Tyranny of Policy, Klal Perspectives on Kiruv

Tzedakah Collectors and the Unintended Tyranny of Policy New Klal Perspectives Journal Quarterly is Out. Topic: Kiruv. Dead Sea Scrolls Online

How Do You Handle Socialization at Work?

The work environment can be difficult. Building and maintaining appropriate fences while at the same time being a team player is a challenge. How have you handled it? What social activities do you participate in at work? Do you go to holiday parties? What are the ideas that have worked best for you?

Santa and the Little Jewish Girl

By Marsha Smagley Twas the night before Xmas, (or maybe a week before), When all through the house, (that is. my best friend’s house), Not a child was stirring, not even a mouse… (Except for the little Jewish girl, that would be me) In hopes that.. (Santa) soon would be there! (That is until the […]

Do As I Do

By “Devorah” As the child of BT parents who got a strong dose of ‘flaming BT-itis’ when I was a teenager; and the wife of a BT, I’ve had the good fortune, if you can say that, of experiencing Baal Teshuva parenting from both sides. That doesn’t mean I have a 100% fool proof knowledge […]

Should We Mainstream Baalei Teshuva and Their Support?

Many people have complained that there is not enough post-Teshuva support among Kiruv organizations. In fact, that was one of the driving forces of Beyond BT. Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky recently wrote: My formula is that for every dollar devoted to getting someone interested in Torah, ten dollars should be devoted to nurturing and developing that […]

Finding Hashem in the Darkness

A Jewish king’s task is to personify G-d’s majesty in this world. I would like to suggest that through the rulership of Yosef and Moshe, Hashem’s glory was manifested on two different levels. Yosef was the embodiment of the divine characteristic of revelation. Like a king, Yosef displayed royalty. He wore the brilliant kasones pasim […]

The Danger Of Lowering Our Expectations

In a recently letter to the editor of Jewish Action, Dr. Bernard H. White of Dallas, Texas, responded to an editorial by Dr. Simcha Katz, in which the OU president recounted the story of a young man who, although the product of a prominent Jewish day school and high school system, confessed to feeling “ignorant […]

BBT Links for December 13th, Unsung Heroes, Weberman Guilty,

A Song for Some Unsung Heroes. Weberman Guilty.

Have You Won the Chanukah War? How Have Your Prevented Integration from Becoming Assimilation?

As BTs, many of us pride ourselves on how well we have integrated the Chol (secular) and the Kodesh (holy) in our lives. Given that Chanukah was our fight against assimilation, it might make sense to examine our integration and assimilation. Where does integration end and assimilation begin? How do you draw the line? How […]

R’ Moshe Schwerd – Chanukah: Shielding Our Children from Assimilation

Understand: …the strong relationship between Chanukah and Succos. …the different nature of Persumei Nissa (publicizing the miracle) on Chanukah …what the Greeks were claiming back then …what the non-Jewish nations want from us today …where we are failing in the battle against assimilation and how we can succeed …and more Download the mp3 – R’ […]

Chanukah – Beyond the Facade

By Yered Viders Our homes are illuminated with the timeless Chanukah lights and the timeless message they convey. Looking at the lights, I wondered why the B’nei Binah (“Men of Insight”) — whom we acclaim in Ma’oz Tz’ur for establishing the Festival of Chanukah — selected such a mundane way of commemorating the historic miracle. […]

BBT Links for December 6th, Gabbai Power, Yarmulkes in Div 1 BBall, Googling Chanukah

The Power of the Gabbai. Liberman bringing yarmulke back to court. With 7,170,000 results, Google’s Chanukah top 10 result is pretty good.

What Does Your Chanukah Party Look Like?

Chanukah is a great time for family get-togethers. Since BTs have smaller observant extended families, it’s sometimes hard to fill the party list. Do you have a Chanukah Party? Is it mostly non-observant family? Do your kids miss not having a bigger party like some of their friends?

Healthy Kiruv…Respecting Those Whom We Bring Closer to Judaism

By Zev Gotkin (Response to “Dishonest Kiruv! The Building of Responsible Jewish Outreach Movements” by Rabbi ShmulyYanklowitz) Many in the Torah-observant world would likely consider me an “outreach success story.” Coming from a secular background I had little knowledge of Jewish teachings or observance when I entered my first year of college. However, I was […]

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