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Spiritual Growth for Jews

BBT Links for November 30th, Continuous Improvement, Chanukah, Newspapers

Growth Through Continuous Improvement. Chanukah to Go. Newspapers on Shabbos.

How Are You Preparing For The Shidduchim Search?

Helping our children find good spouses is one of the biggest issues BTs face. The main obstacles are that we don’t have the networks that our FFB co-religionists have, and we don’t understand the system that well. Of course the problem is much more difficult for girls than for boys due to the current demographics. […]

Sirens, Sandy and the Light of the Menorah

On her semi-annual trip to America, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller spoke in Kew Gardens Hills last night on the topic of “Sirens, Sandy and the Light of the Menorah”. You can download the mp3 here. Rebbetzin Heller has just released a new book called “The Balancing Act – How to bring the power and passion of […]

Postcards to My Younger Self

Dear 11 year old Shoshanna, Hashem made a strange and wonderful miracle! It’s hard to believe it but I am writing to you from your future. I want to let you know that you’re not abnormal to be searching for meaning in life. I know you feel different. I assure you that you’re not alone. […]

BBT Links for November 23rd, Poetry Can Wait, Sirens in Jerusalem, R’ Heller’s Itenarary

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller on Sirens from Jerusalem. Willaim Kolbrenner on Poetry Can Wait, The Siren Is Blasting Rebbetzin Heller’s Itenerary in US from Nov 22 thru Dec 6th

Thanksgiving and the BT – Roundup

It’s clear that Thanksgiving is an “issue” for many Baalei Teshuvah. In addition to Neil Harris’ Being Thankful for Thanksgiving, the issue has come up in numerous posts and comments. We have highlighted some of those posts and comments below. In Can You Really Get Everything You Want at Alice’s Restaurant?, Rachel Adler sought advice […]

The Lonely Rocky Road

Rabbi Yehuda Zakutinsky From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 WHEN MANY frum JEWS ARE asked to picture the experience of a baal teshuvah, a fairy-tale-like portrait comes to mind, in which the baal teshuvah has experienced Jewish enlightenment and clarity, and complete acceptance and contentment in the frum community. Unfortunately, the reality […]

BT Links for November 15th – My Bill is Wrong!, Sandy and Tzedakah, Bloomberg Against Cholent

The Treasurer vs The People – My Bill is Wrong! Finding Meaning of Jewish Law in Sandy Shelter Bloomberg Against Cholent

Does Torah Observance Make You Happier?

Dear Beyond BT I’ve seen many people say that Torah Observance makes you happier, but I’m not sure whether it’s observable. It seems that there are many people in the Torah community who aren’t noticeably happier than their non-observant counterparts. Many Torah Jews also seem to have the same material strivings and keeping up with […]

Some BTs Lose It, Some FFBs Never Had It

Rabbi Menachem Zupnik From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 THE PROBLEMS IDENTIFIED here are very real and serious, and the answers are very personal and complex, and can’t be properly addressed in a short forum. I am also uncomfortable that perhaps classifying these courageous Jews and their problems separately in this way […]

South Brooklyn School Devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Dear All, South Brooklyn neighborhoods of Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Seagate have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy last week. Among victims of the hurricane is Mazel Day School located blocks away from the ocean and the bay. The two buildings which house the school were badly flooded and all K-6 […]

BT Links for November 8th – Kitchen Cabinet, Far Rockaway, Seagate

The Kitchen Cabinet Far Rockaway Desperately Needs Your Help Seagate was Hit Hard By Sandy

Do The Election Results Really Matter?

Do the elections results really matter? Isn’t achieving the task of achdus among Jews something in our hands? Do the politicians effect our Torah, Teshuva and Tefillah? Does our distraction by the externals take away from our needed work on the internals?

The Distress in Far Rockaway and How You Can Help

Dear Friends I just came back from Yeshiva Shar Yoshuv. A couple of friends and I decided to take the day and help people in Far Rockaway clean out after the flood. We called Achiezer this morning and they said come to Shar Yoshuv and we will send you out. When we got to Shar […]

You Have Graduated

By Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 MOST FRUM-FROM-BIRTH JEWS fail to appreciate the life-wrenching decisions and monumental sacrifices that are involved in becoming a baal teshuvah. In a very real sense, becoming a baal teshuvah may be com¬pared to being asked to move to Mars. Once the decision […]

BT Links for November 1st – BT Pop Star, Shul Devasted by Sandy, Fury of Frankenstorm

British BT pop star balances stardom and Orthodoxy. Shul in Bayswater Devastated by Hurricane Sandy. The Fury of Frankenstorm – Five ways to bring awe into your life.

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