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What Lessons Did You Learn and What Blessings Did You Count After the Hurricane?

As this post points out: There are two blessings to choose from upon witnessing extraordinary natural phenomena—including extremely strong winds. Those two blessings (of which only one may be said on each occasion) are: Baruch Atah Ado-nai Elo-hei-nu Melech haolam, osay ma’asei bereisheet. Translation: Blessed are You, L‑rd our G‑d, King of the universe, Maker […]

When Integration Doesn’t Work

By Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 WHEN DEALING WITH QUESTIONS of education and kiruv, there is one rule that is always applicable. That rule is: There is no one rule that is always ap¬plicable when dealing with questions of education and kiruv. Each neshamah is unique. Each situation […]

Mishpacha Magazine – BT Symposium Questions

From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 We posted Jonathon’s Rosenblum’s response here. Over the next weeks, with the generous permission of the Mishpacha editors, we will post many of the other repsonses. Here are the questions that were posed to the participants. In the last 50 years, tens of thousands of Jews […]

BBT Links for October 25th – The Kid’s Shul; Are Republican’s Better?; Who’s Responsible for Kids Behavior?

The Kid’s Shul – When I Grow Up I Want To Be…. Are Republican presidents Better For Israel Than Democrat Presidents? Who is Responsible for Children’s Behavior?

Is a “Good Enough” Secular Education Really Good Enough?

When talking to people about the secular education our children are receiving in their schools, many people think that it’s “good enough”. But is that true? Is the average student doing well on standard tests like the SAT? Can they write well? How are they doing in Math, Science and Technology? Do you feel your […]

It Was a Very Good Year

Mishpacha magazine has caught up with BeyondBT. I found the Baal Teshuva Symposium interesting. I have my own little point that I have made before in comments here, but never as a self-standing post. And if I had been asked to participate, this is what I would have written in response to the question, “How […]

BBT Links for October 18th – It’s a Minyan After All, Mazal Tov, Classic Aish Mp3’s

The Weekday Shacharis Minyan – It’s Just a Minyan After All Mazal Tov to Neil Harris on his son’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. 26 Classic Aish Mp3’s for free download

How Have You Navigated Orthodox Culture in Your Progress of Serving Hashem?

On Monday, Shmuel recently posted an astute comment on the Integrating the Ba’alei Teshuva post. There is a lot of emphasis on sociology/culture in the orthodox community today. I have no idea whether this is good or bad, or whether it is even possible to change should someone think changing it would be a good […]

My Skirt is My Korban Todah

Today I’m wearing a new skirt. That isn’t really enough of a subject for a column except that this particular skirt is long, falling well below my knees, midcalf. Rather than slinky, it’s got substance, wide flaring pleats and in this age of impossibly flimsy ladies wear, a real honest to goodness lining. My fashionable […]

Integrating the Ba’alei Teshuva

By Jonathan Rosenblum From Mishpacha Magazine BT Symposium – September 13, 2012 The ba’al teshuva movement, which began to gather steam after the Six-Day War has profoundly changed the face of the Orthodox world in both Israel and the United States. Once one gets outside the New York metropolitan area, ba’alei teshuva and geirim constitute […]

BBT Links for October 11th – Enhancing Simchas Torah, Bereishis

Simchas Torah – Enhancing the Simcha Appropriately Bereshis Outline 17 Years of Internet Parsha Sheet on Bereshis

Why Do Observant Jews Generally Vote Republican?

Dear Beyond BT I have a question that I was wondering if you could post. I am not looking for a debate, only some answers. I, and probably a lot of other BTs, grew up in a staunchly democratic home. I do not think I even knew any republicans. What is up with frum Jews […]

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