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BBT Links for Sept 26 – The Need for Complaints, Sukkot to Go, 64% Fast on Yom Kippur

From a Minyan to a Tzibbur – The Need for Complaints YU Torah – Sukkot to Go Yom Kippur (in Israel) 64% fast 36% pray

Post YK Reflections

By Jak One of the strangest things that hit me this year leading up to Yom Kippur, was that this was only the 3rd Yom Kippur where I would be defined as “shomer shabbat”. Only 2 years ago I started? It seems like forever that I’ve been “frum.” It’s amazing how in such a short […]

BBT Links for Sept 19 – BTs and Aliyah, Forgiving “The Shul”, The Web’s Best Parsha Roundup

Baalei Teshuva and Aliyah Forgiving “The Shul” on Yom Kippur The Best Parsha Roundup on the Internet

How Has Yom Kippur Changed For You Over the Years?

Do you remember your first Yom Kippur as an observant Jew? How has the experienced changed over the years? Has the fast gotten easier? Has the daven gotten easier? In what ways do you have a greater appreciation of the day? What advice would you give to someone who says they can’t relate to such […]

Kesiva V’Chasima Tova

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors, commentors and readers for writing and reading Beyond BT. A Kesiva V’Chasima Tova to all!

BBT Links for Sept 12 – Shul Forgiveness, Tranformative Teshuva, White Sox Observe Yom Kippur

Seven Things To Be Forgiving of in Shul this Rosh Hashana Rosh Hoshana to Go including Strategies for a Transformative Teshuva. Chicago White Sox adjust schedule to Accommodate Yom Kippur.

Ten Questions For Rosh Hoshana

10Q is a website that asks and provides a space to answer Ten Questions from Rosh Hoshana to Yom Kippur. Here are there questions from a few years back. • What’s a significant experience that has affected you over the past year? • What is something you would have done differently over the past year? […]

The Problem of Too Much Emphasis on Emotion in Judaism

The following article appeared in the Letters to the Editor section of the Summer Issue of the Klal Perspectives Journal. If you would like to contact the author directly, his email is by Yitzchak Talansky Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s article, ”Just One Thing is Missing: The Soul,” must strike a chord in anyone concerned with […]

Ten Ways to Help Your Children Have a More Meaningful Yomin Noraim

1. Explain to your children how Hashem actively seeks ways to forgive, and will forgive them – even if the best they can do is want to do teshuva. 2. Remind them that Yiddishkeit is not all-or-nothing – that their aveiros do not invalidate their mitzvos or diminish Hashem’s love. 3. Model the virtue of […]

BBT Links for Sept 5 – Shul on Shabbos, Nobody Understands Me, Rabbi Akiva Parenting

The Shul on Shabbos – Weekday Beis Medrash Solution Baal Teshuva – Nobody Understands Me Rabbi Akiva’s Parenting Tip

How Do You Balance Grades and Middos?

In the BT parenting recipe post the author wrote: Very little interest in grades at school – middos are all that matter to me on their reports. To which Ron Coleman commented: I cannot comprehend how one can teach children “middos” while teaching them that grades — which for most people are the best evaluations […]

An Open Letter to Teachers before School Starts

Dear Rabbi and Morah, Hi and thank you for taking on the challenge of teaching my child this year. I am entrusting you with a precious gift that Hashem gave given my family and I know that you will do your best to help my child grow and reach his/her potential. I know that your […]

Two Paths To Rosh HaShanah and the Yomim Noraim – Which Will You Choose?

As a person enters the Yommim Noraim there are two, possible paths and feelings that they may experience: Path #1: The teshuvah process starts with our supplications during Slichos the week before Rosh Hashannah with prayers such as “To us Hashem is shame-facedness; unto You is Tzedukah”. The days of Slichos pass with deep introspection […]

Rosh Hoshana: Committing to the Plan

Rosh Hoshana is almost here and the focus of the day is on the creation of the world and on Hashem as our Melech or King. How is this different then the creation we recognize every Shabbos? Secondly, how are we to understand this concept of Malchus or Kingship, and how is it different from […]

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