BBT Links for the Week of August 2, 2012

Sometimes group events, like the Siyum HaShas, work out very nicely. However it’s important to remember that Efforts Are Necessary – But There Are No Guarantees.

The astute and critical eye of Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of the Shul on the Beach in Venice CA, gave the Siyum HaShas a big thumbs up.

The Economist, an influential periodical, declares that Judaism is Alive and Well.

Not only are BTs responsible for Kosher Sushi, but the Queen of Kosher, Jamie Geller, is a BT.

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  1. Yasher Koach on the links to the Siyum. I highly reccomend that anyone who was there post there own comments and observations. Having read the comments in Yated, Mishpacha, and the local frum papers,I think that this and other blogs such as R Fink can describe the sheer majesty of the event, suggest improvements, and avoid the triumphalism of the Charedi media.I was struck by the contrast between the Siyum being a celebration of an event that occurred every seven years that required no external stimulation, did not glorify youth or celevbrity and which was dedicated to the sheer day in and day out committment of the Magiddie Shiur and the Msayimim. It was a great Kiddush HaShem, especially in light of recent events in Colorado.

  2. One of my two Partner’s in Torah watched a webcast, from his home in the South.
    The other also really couldn’t relate.

    At the Chicago Siyum every male had his head covered with something.

  3. Very few.

    Although there was an announcement that Partners in Torah had bought 5,000 tickets for non observant Jews and their partners, I saw very few non-observant Jews there.

    My Partners in Torah chavrusa was not interested in going because he couldn’t personally relate to the event and the idea of sitting through hours of speeches did not appeal to him.

  4. Were there any Reform (or unaffiliated) Jewish groups (or individuals) that attended the Siyum, or other male Jews who were not wearing head coverings? Rabbi Fink said that everyone was covering their heads. (“Every kind of hat and yarmulka was represented. I saw them all with my own eyes.”)

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