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BBT Links for Aug 30 – Beis Medrification, Vouchers, Homeschooling

The Problem of Shul Beis Medrification Are Day School Vouchers the Answer? All-In-The-Family Day Schools

Why Haven’t You Given Up on Fixing the Last Mile?

As BT’s we’ve made some pretty amazing changes in our lives. And we all know it was very difficult. But if you’ve been Shomer Shabbos for 10+ years, you know that teshuva becomes more difficult. The changes have to go beyond behavioral and deep into the character. So what keeps you going? What tools and […]

BT in Difficult Times

B”H Dear all brothers and sisters at ‘Beyond Teshuva’. I am writing to you in response to Matys Weiser’s video on YouTube (another convert) – I was so touched and moved when he (as a Ger) spoke of his abject loneliness as a convert – the same applies to me as a BT. I’m sure […]

The Joy of Repentance

Do you know anyone who relates to the idea of repentance with joy and happiness? Looking forward to that sore tuchas from sitting so long in synagogue? Can there be trepidation for the Day of Judgment and awe for the Day of Atonement and also an uplifted positive spirit? You bet your sore tuchas. It’s […]

BBT Links for the Week of August 23, 2012

Read about a Shabbos in Monsey and the Beis Medrification or our Shul on The Jewish Press has a good article on Granting Tuition Reductions in Day Schools. Two great sources for links to Orthodox related articles, are R’ Gil Student’s daily news and links and R’ Rafi Goldmeier’s interesting posts at Life in […]

What Are Your Favorite Imperfect Parenting Techniques?

When things are calm and going well, it’s easy to be a “perfect” parent, and much parenting advice seems to be directed towards that unreal realm. Perhaps what would be even more valuable is imperfect parenting tips, when our unpolished side is on display. How do you react or recover when your irritable, angry, judgmental, […]

StartupChutzpah – A Frum Bootcamp to Learn About Entrepreneurship

By Benyamin Clayman How can I help change the frum world? When Zev Wolfson zt’l passed away recently, it greatly inspired me to want to help Am Israel with whatever skills I have. Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, the Rosh Yeshiva of Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak said to me that when he was a young […]

Location, Location, Location

In Highland Park, NJ where I live, if you’re catching the New Jersey transit train into Manhattan, you know you either need to get a ride to the train station, or leave enough time to park about a half-mile away and walk to the station. Only residential permit parking is available within the train station […]

BBT Links for the Week of August 16, 2012

Shul Politics goes on the road as it explores Some Great Shul Experiences in Woodmere. The new issue of Klal Perspectives is out. This quarter’s crisis is the marital difficulties facing newly married Orthodox couples. E-Jewish-Philanthropy has an interesting article titled “Can’t Buy Me Judaism”.

How Do You Approach “Craziness” in the Frum World?

In this week’s post about a BT’s Recipe for Raising Healthy Kids, the author wrote: The frum world may be crazy, but it’s the best society we have – embrace it, but don’t buy into the craziness, maintain your independence. Better a frummer school and we parents are the open minded ones, than a less […]

A BT’s Recipe For Raising Good Kids in an FFB World

I recently met the grown son (20-ish) of a very talented rabbi and educator. The father is an overt ba’al teshuva, and the son a regular bochur who attends a top mainstream Israeli yeshiva. To me the boy seemed to have inculcated the best of what the FFB-and BT-worlds have to offer. As a BT […]

BBT Links for the Week of August 9, 2012

You can watch the entire Siyum HaShas in a high quality video. A useful checklist for planning a Shabbos Lunch. Ways to keep costs down at an out of town Yeshiva elementary school.

Overlooking the Challenges of Marriage

By Bob Garber As someone constantly learning with Baalei Tshuva and potential BTs, my relationship always seems to end with the marriage of my students. Up until the wedding, I frequently see my students at Shabbatonim, visiting our home for Shabbos, or attending an interesting lecture or program. The wedding is usually an exciting, joyous […]

The Permanent Preciousness of the “Secular” Jew

Regular contributor and commentor, Menachem Lipkin emailed us this thought provoking article by Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo of the The David Cardozo Academy. Rabbi Lopes Cardozo was kind enough to allow us to post the article on Beyond Teshuva. You can find the original here. Originally Posted Apr 5, 2006 We are living in an […]

“MetLife” Stadium- K’shmo Kein Hu

The Hashgocho Protis in the naming of an American football stadium By: D. Trenk On August 1, 2012, the largest celebration of Jewish learning in perhaps more than two thousand years was held in of all places… a football field. Of course, not just in any ordinary sports arena, but in a marvel of a […]

BBT Links for the Week of August 2, 2012

Sometimes group events, like the Siyum HaShas, work out very nicely. However it’s important to remember that Efforts Are Necessary – But There Are No Guarantees. The astute and critical eye of Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of the Shul on the Beach in Venice CA, gave the Siyum HaShas a big thumbs up. The Economist, an […]

Siyum HaShas – 90,000 Jews Learning, Davening, Singing and Dancing Together

Hashem says hello by stopping the rain at the start of the program. All the rest is commentary. Now go learn. Daf Yomi begins the next cycle with Berachos 2a on Friday Aug 3rd, 2012.

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