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BBT Links For The Week of May 31st 2012

Does your Shul provide opportunities to form deep and meaningful friendships? Take a look at the Centrality of Connection at Rabbi Yakov Horowitz explains the stab in the heart pain felt by abuse survivors when perpetrators are given communal support and when the voices of the survivors are further suppressed. Ruchi Koval has a […]

What Issues Did You Find in the Three Phases of Becoming a BT?

The Baalei Teshuva path can be roughly divided into 3 stages 1) Discovery – learning and growth 2) Integration – navigating to your place in the community 3) Beyond BT – Torah living and slower growth Did you go too fast in phase 1? Did you have the right community support and teachers in phase […]

The Importance of Pace and Learning Torah in the Spiritual Growth Process

An important comment by Rabbi Shaya Karlisnky from this post in 2007. Menachem Lipkin referred me to this wonderful blog. And with over thirty years of experience in teaching Torah to ba’alei tshuvah, I would like to make some comments on this most important thread. The Rambam teaches (Hilchot Talmud Torah, Ch. 5, Halacha 4): […]

Shavuot and Teshuvah

By: Cosmix X in Jerusalem The “time of the giving of our Torah” is near. We count the days from Passover until Shavuot, connecting the physical freedom of the exodus from Egypt with the spiritual freedom of receiving the Torah: And it says (Exodus 32:16): “And the tablets are the work of G-d, and the […]

The 60 Second Guide to Shavuos

The foundation of Judaism is that there is a G-d, who is completely spiritual. G-d created both a physical and spiritual world. The centerpiece of creation is man who is composed of a physical body and a spiritual soul. Our collective purpose is to transform the world into a unified G-d connected spiritual world. To […]

What Are You #Disappointed About Regarding the Internet Usage Discussion?

We saw a Tweet from our referal logs that someone was #disappointed because we reposted Kressel’s decision to take on a more stringent standard of Internet usage. Perhaps others are #disappointed. Are you #disappointed that people are uncomfortable when someone decides to take on a more stringent standard then them? Are you #disappointed that people […]

It’s Not About the Internet; It’s About Us

by Jonathan Rosenblum First published in Mishpacha Magazine on March 7, 2012 Forget all analogies between internet today and TV of the 1950s and ’60s. The battle led by gedolim in those decades, when no one could fully have seen how far the tame family fare of that era would degenerate, can only be described […]

Cutting Connections – No More Web Browser In My Home

The Citi Field Asifa regarding the Internet was held last night, so we though it would be appropriate to repost this article that was originally published on May 30, 2006. As everyone on this blog is aware, many, if not the majority, of gedolim are speaking out against the Internet. On Sunday, May 14 – […]

BBT Links For The Week of May 17th 2012

Is opening and closing the window an issue in your Shul? The Politics of the Open Shul Window A great, seemingly obvious idea, that’s easier said than done. Making a Kiddush HaShem Hopefully Ebay (and BBT) will be included when discussing positive Internet usage. Internet Asifa Tickets For Sale On Ebay

Can We Mitigate Some of the Moral Costs of Expensive Jewish Education?

What do you think of these objectives from the article “The Moral Costs of Jewish Day School” from Jewish Ideas Daily? This model corrects many of the current system’s moral deficiencies: It makes the tuition-setting process transparent and predictable. It moves many middle-class families off the rolls of those receiving financial aid. It defines day […]

The Limits of Inspiration

One of the most popular articles in the last Klal Perspectives Issue, focused on the crisis of spiritual connection in the American Orthodox Community, was Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s titled “Just One Thing is Missing: The Soul”. BTs might particularly appreciate Rabbi Weinberger’s reference to a line from an old song “Something inside has died, and […]

A Few Links

Growing Your Shul With Torah Learning – Part 2 New York Times selects Orthodox Jews as growing NY power group Internet Filters for the Orthodox Jew Who Is Wise, Strong, Rich and Honored

7 Rules Of Mindful Eating

Copyright: HealthyJewishCooking.Com By Chaya Rivka Zwolinski Choose, Sit, Commit, Acknowledge, Pace, Chew, Complete A Taste of Authentic Jewish Eating: Eating mindfully doesn’t just involve your brain-based intellect. It involves your heart-based intellect, both of which, in different ways, correspond to the soul. In the Jewish tradition, mindful eating means making informed choices not only about […]

I, Rabbi (Part One)

I’m no rabbi. Except, in too many cases, compared to everyone else on the guest list. So in addition to “fielding questions,” as we all do, I’ve “done” or “presided over” or “conducted” too many unveilings, burials — pedestrian stuff, of course, but you have to be willing to stick your neck out and be, […]

Creating a Torah Based Growth Culture

The Growth Culture Shul series continues at Shul Politics with Growing Your Shul With Torah Learning – Part 1.

How Can We Reach People Where They Are Holding?

As we noted last week, there were many good articles in Klal Perspectives and Rabbi Eliyahu Fink who is the Rav of the Shul on the Beach in Venice singled out Moishe Bane’s article in a post on his blog. One paragraph that Rabbi Fink quoted from Mr Bane’s article was this one: There must […]

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