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Spiritual Growth for Jews

High School Life

Recently we had two freshman boys join us for Shabbos lunch. They attend are both “out of towners” who attend a boy’s yeshiva in the area. I listened to my 6th grade son ask them questions about dorm life, the daily schedule, what’s expected of them with school work, and what they do in their […]

The Rise of The Growth Culture Shul

A new post on The Rise of The Growth Culture Shul. The articulation of the above post was inspired by the Growth Oriented Culture of Baalei Teshuva, the recent Spiritual Connection Issue of Klal Perspectives, email discussions with one of the editors, emails and comments on the topic with Neil Harris and Micha Berger […]

Yom Hazikaron

Yom Hazikaron. Remembrance Day or Memorial Day for the fallen of Israeli security forces and victims of terror. For me, sitting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this may be the loneliest day of the year. In front of me, on the wall behind my desk, is a bulletin board with all manner of important mementoes […]

Is Your American Orthodox Community Experiencing A Crisis of Spiritual Connection?

Rabbi Adlerstein, Rabbi Rosenblum and a few others have started a new endeavor called Klal Perspectives. It’s similar to Cross Currents with a broader section of writers expressing their opinions on a single area in longer pieces on a quarterly basis. If you like reading opinion pieces, then it’s highly recommended. The question of this […]

Jewish Music in Colonial America

By Simcha Cohen Even as our schools face an unprecedented financial crises, I find myself in awe at the dedication and creativity that some teachers demonstrate. A friend recently told me about her daughter’s 8th grade Bais Ya’akov class which was studying about early American history. Knowing that a number of the girls were interested […]

Appreciating the Quirks of Shul Members

A new post on Appreciating the Quirks of Shul Members

Pirkei Avos – First Perek

As you probably know there is a custom to learn Pirkei Avos between Pesach and Shavuos. You can download an English translation here (Translation by Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld from his commentary at For those who don’t like to download PDFs, here is the First Perek/Chapter One: Chapter 1 1. “Moses received the Torah from […]

Why I Write Jewish Books for Little Children

OK, so I act like a child sometimes. But that’s because a lot of me remains child-like, and I really want those aspects to continue right along with me. There is a gigantic sense of wonder about the world, for instance, that doesn’t seem to be decreasing at all. And a delight in simple things […]

The Illusion of Freedom

After generations of slavery and oppression, amidst miracles unprecedented and unrepeated, the Children of Israel marched forth out of Egypt and into the wilderness as a free people for the first time in their collective memory. Fifty days later they stood together at Sinai to receive the Torah — the code of 613 commandments that […]

Uncle Martzi – The Son Who Wanted to Come Back

In the mid afternoon on Passover eve, a special guest would come to my parents home. Martzi Baci. Uncle Martin, my great uncle. I don’t recall him visiting us at any other time, only on Erev Pesach and for the Seders. His routine was as follows; he’d come in, take off his coat, light up […]

Make Your Sefira Count – Review the Six Constant Mitzvos

Sign up to learn The Six Constant Mitzvos from Peasch to Shavous with thousands across the world and make your sefirah count!!! Short daily emails containing a lesson a day including 3 videos on each mitzvah. Learn the Torah’s framework for living with a vibrant Emunah and developing a meaningful relationship with Hashem. visit […]

Key Points For the Seder

TEN WAYS to help you and YOUR CHILDREN have a more Meaningful and Inspiring PESACH SEDER

Use these suggestions to infuse new meaning and excitement into your seder and create a lasting experience for you and your family. 1.Make the most of your Seder and best fulfill the mitzvah of V’higadita L’vincha by staying focused on telling the actual story of Yetzias Mitzrayim; concentrate on the events and their lessons. 2. […]

Five Minute Passover Seder

Some people want to have a very fast seder. This guide is for them. 1) Kaddesh – Sanctify the day with the recitation of Kiddush *Leader says Boruch Atoh Ado-noy Elo-haynu Melech Ho-olom Boray P’ri Ha-Gofen and 2 other blessings whose text can be found in the Hagadah *Drink the 1st cup of wine. Lean […]

The Politics of Passover

A new post on The Politics of Passover

Beyond BT Guide to the Passover Seder

Please make copies of the guide for your seder so that participants who want to perform the mitzvos properly can do so, without the need for continual instruction. Please feel free to email it to anyone who you think would find it useful. Here is the link for the Beyond BT Guide to the Seder. […]

One Minute Guide To Passover

The Events of the Exodus The process of the Exodus began when our forefather Abraham was told by G-d that his descendents would be enslaved in Egypt and subsequently freed. It was two generations later when Jacob, the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham, and his family settled in Egypt as the honored […]

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