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How Have You Used the Achdus Enhancing Facilities of Purim?

Purim is fast approaching. How have you used Purim to increase your achdus to your fellow Jews? 1) Giving thoughtful gifts of Shaloch Manos to people. 2) Planning how to give my gifts to the poor. 3) Having a wonderful meal with friends and family. 4) Going to a Purim chagigah. 5) Appreciating the importance […]

Rabbi Noach Weinberg on Happiness

Aish HaTorah’s Project Inspire sent an email in March 2006 with some thoughts from Rabbi Weinberg on the subject of happiness and suggested we share it with friends and family. Since we’re in the period of happiness in the Jewish Calendar we decided to repost it: Rabbi Noach Weinberg on Happiness 1. There are many […]

Whitney Houston: Didn’t She Almost Have It All?

Wikipedia says it this way: In 2009, Guiness World Records cited her as the most-awarded female act [performer] of all time. Her list of awards includes two Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and 22 American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. Houston was also one […]

Back of the Napkin Cost To Run a Shul

A new post on Back of the Napkin Cost To Run a Shul

Mishkan and Mikdash – Joy and Awe

Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler – Michtav Mi Eliyahu – Strive for Truth Vol 5 – Page 220 The Desert Tabernacle, the details of whose construction take up the whole of parashat Terumah and much of the succeeding parshiyot, is sometimes called sanctuary” [mikdash] (“And they shall make Me a mikdash”)(1). More frequently, however, it is called […]

Why Should I Study Torah?

I was talking to a Rav recently, who also is a high school teacher, and he felt that many frum teenagers are not connected to the Torah they are learning. They don’t really see how the sugyas in the Gemora or the Parsha is relevant to their every day life. How would you answer the […]

Teens at Risk and Baalei Teshuva Parents

Back in October, the AJOP newsletter sent out an announcement about a study that would be presented by Dr David Pelcovitz on Teens at Risk and Baalei Teshuva. We wrote a post about it, and speculated about the results. At the time, I was a little concerned about the study because I thought it would […]

Tribute to Rabbi Avraham Ginzberg, zt'”l

by Jonathan Rosenblum Mishpacha Magazine – February 17, 2012 Because magazines like Mishpacha work with advance deadlines my friend Rabbi Aryeh Ginzberg’s piece on Yerushalayim shel Ma’alah appeared last week, even though he was sitting shiva for his father Rabbi Avraham Ginzberg, the menahel of Yeshivas Chafetz Chaim for nearly six decades. Reb Aryeh, unfortunately, […]

On Shul Politics: Keeping Quiet – How to Talk to Talkers in Shul

A new post on Keeping Quiet – How to Talk to Talkers in Shul

Mishpatim Summary

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Mishpatim. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here. Mishpatim # 21 13 Mitzvot # 22 19 Mitzvot # 23 21 Mitzvot # 24 “We shall do and then understand” # 21 13 Mitzvot Laws of a Jewish Servant: * Works 6 years & is freed in the […]

How Would You Start on the BT Path?

Dear Beyond BT I am just starting out on the BT path. How does one focus on making a particular step successful without feeling overwhelmed by everything “non-kosher” in their life? Would such tension be alleviated by jumping in head first and just dealing with issues as they come? Or is it really best to […]

Can You Picture G-d Differently?

Debbie’s father would beat her almost daily for looking “too happy.” Over forty years later, she is asking, “How am I supposed to believe in a G-d that’s described as an all-loving Father?” Yaakov volunteers as an advocate for victims of sexual abuse. He has heard so many chilling accounts that he is feeling overwhelmed […]

Led Zeppelin & Frum Culture

As a BT, I’ve often felt the clash between the culture I grew up in and the “frum” culture I’ve been living in for so long. One of the areas the clash always made itself evident to me was music. I just never could get into “Jewish music.” This clash took on new meaning for […]

The Role of the Rabbi in Increasing Shul Membership

Read and comment about the The Role of the Rabbi in Increasing Shul Membership. Share your thoughts at

Yisro in a Nutshell

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Yisro. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here. Yitro # 18 Yitro Converts – Advice: 10-50-100-1000. # 19 Preparations for Divine Revelation # 20 The Ten Commandments # 18 Yitro Converts – Advice: 10-50-100-1000. * Yitro arrives at Jewish Camp in desert with Tsiporah, Gershom & Eliezer […]

Which Bridge Are You Traveling On?

In a post this week Ron included a bridge “On The Road Back”. We’ve always pictured the Beyond BT bridge as moving ahead to a new and improved world. Which bridge do you see yourself traveling on? Do you see yourself as coming back or moving beyond? Did you ever see yourself as coming back […]

Easy TuBishvat Combo–Almond-Silan Baked Apples for TuBishvat

By Tzirel Chana at Kosher Home Cooking. TuBishvat isn’t some kind of trivial pursuit question (remember that 80s game in which players showed off their command of arcane and irrelevant information) TuBishvat is mentioned in the Babylonian Talmud’s list of New Years (Any cheder boy will tell you that there are four the best known […]

Before “Beyond”: Home for the Holidays

This essay was originally published before blogging existed or almost anyone had ever heard of the Internet. It was the first installment in what was a regular column called “On the Road… Back” in what turned out to be a short-lived weekly newspaper called the New Jersey Jewish Post. This column was entitled, “Home For […]

Ten Greatest Songs of All Time

This Shabbos is called Shabbos Shirah because of the song sung at the splitting of the Red Sea. Another song is read in the haftorah, the Song of Devora. The Medrash says there will be 10 great songs for Hashem. Nine have already been sung and the tenth in the the times of Moshiach. Here’s […]

Is Choosing and then Possibly Changing Your Observance Style Practical?

On his website, Rabbi Dovid Gottleib describes his own “Coming Home” experience and gives the following advice regarding selecting a “style” of Jewish Observance: Many baalei teshuvah become convinced that the Torah is true and try to observe as much of Jewish law as they can, but become bewildered by the wide variety of styles […]

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