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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Torah Study and Worldly Occupation

This week 2 is the third cycle of Pirkei Avos. In the second mishna of the third perek it says: Rabban Gamliel the son of Rabbi Yehuda the Prince said, Torah study is good with a worldly occupation, because the exertion put into both of them makes one forget sin. All Torah without work will […]

Advice on Learning Hebrew in Eretz Yisroel

Dear Beyond BT Just wondering if someone can give me advice – i am 50 years old and started trying to be a BT over 30 years ago. i still cannot understand Hebrew very well (yes i know some elementary basics, but cannot really translate). I live in Jerusalem. Any ideas what i can do […]

Achdus in the Midst of Tragedy

Everyone’s minds and hearts are still with the Kletsky family. How can one absorb such a terrible, brutal and senseless crime commited by another member of our community? How could G-d let a thing like this happen to a young innocent child? That is a question that we cannot deign to answer but what be […]

Redefining the Weekend

One of the major things that Israel unique is a rather unexpected one — the weekend, or lack thereof. The standard Israeli work week is from Sunday to Thursday, and some offices, as well as schools, have abridged hours on Friday, too. This means that a day of rest is pretty much limited to its […]

21 Days of Ahavas Yisroel

There is a site called 21 days of Ahavas Yisroel which is a great idea for this time of year. Here is the description (with permission) from their home page: This time of year is traditionally one of mourning for the Jewish people. Starting on 17th of Tammuz (July 19) and culminating on the 9th […]

I Think You Should Become Torah Observant Because…

The conventional wisdom says that when you converse with a non-observant person, you should avoid indicating that you think it would benefit the person to become Torah Observant over time. What if this wasn’t the conventional wisdom and you could discuss the benefits of Torah Observance to non-frum people, what would you say?

Learning from Leiby’s Murder

Reprinted with permission from Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller’s Weekly Letter Dear friends, Many of you have heard of the cruel and brutal murder last week of Leiby Kletzky, a nine-year-old who was on his way home from his day camp in Brooklyn, alone for the first time, after pleading with his parents as only a nine-year-old […]

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly accurately described it as, “Every parent’s worst nightmare.” Nine-year-old Leiby Kletzky of Boro Park, Brooklyn finally convinced his mother that he was old enough to walk home alone from day camp. It was only seven short blocks to their home, and she had gone over the route with him beforehand to […]

Parsha Resources

Internet Parsha Sheet YU Torah Aish Parsha Chabad Parsha Shema Yisroel Parsha Parsha Please add any other favorites in the comments.

Do You Share Your Past With Your Children?

Do you share your past with your children? At what age? What types of information? If yes, why do you think it’s a good idea? If no, why do you think it’s a bad idea?

Jewish Power Lunch

This post was first posted on Healthy Jewish Cooking and the author’s BT story can be found here. We’re told that if we eat the right foods, take the right supplements, eat at the right times (and with the right people), exercise, and so forth, we’ll see powerful changes in our lives. The teachings of […]

Expanding the Backyard

One of the things that initially excited me about find was that the website/community allows me to interact with fellow Jews who are growth-oriented and get advice from others. As a parent of a boy entering 6th grade, a daughter entering 4th grade, and a daughter entering kindergarten I am always looking for eitzos […]

Summer is a time for…

What do you plan to do this summer? a) Relax b) Vacation c) Visit family d) Rejuvenate e) Read/learn more f) Same as the rest of the year g) Write a post for Beyond BT h) Other

Starting the Parsha Earlier In The Week

We know learning Torah is one of the most important activities we can do, yet there are probably many weeks when we don’t look at the Parsha till late in the week or on Shabbos. We might use lack of time as our alibi, but we probably had time for some Internet reading or other […]

Declaration of Dependence

by Chaim G. Today is Independence Day. Guess this is one of those quirky years when it coincides with July the 4th. It is a day when we grill the flesh of bovines in our backyards and our own epidermis’ on beaches. Somewhere, deep in the hidden strata of our collective societal subconscious, we also […]

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