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The Jewish Flame – Free Torah Classes

The Jewish Flame, a Jewish education organization, will be holding its annual Summer IThe Jewish Flame, a Jewish education organization, will be holding its annual Summer Institute again this year. Four nights a week in Manhattan, you can learn any aspect of Judaism that interests you. Whether you’d like to learn Bible, Midrash, Jewish Wisdom […]

Has Torah Helped You Find And Define Yourself?

Two posts this week focused on different aspects of finding yourself within Judaism? Has Torah helped you find yourself? Has Torah helped you define your roles? Do you think having the ability to choose your path within Judaism helped your self-definition process?

Hemmed In

We train ourselves to respond to limitations on our actions — especially those of us who had once been accustomed to not having such limitations — by intoning that these limitations are what help us grow. This sense of loss over participating in something, eating something or being somewhere you might otherwise been if not […]

William Kolbrener Talks About Open Minded Torah

As you may know, Beyond BT contributor William Kolbrener earned an MA from Oxford and PhD from Columbia University and is currently a professor in the Department of English at Bar Ilan University in Israel. William is an internationally renowned authority on Renaissance poetry and philosophy, with books on John Milton and the proto-feminist Mary […]

The Power of Kindness

The little acts of kindness that we do every day can have life-changing impacts on people. Jay Cantor is proof. The common interactions he had with religious Jews helped him to understand the eternal relevance of Judaism and to overcome the lifelong stereotypes he had possessed. Jay lived in Manhattan and worked in sales. He […]

Ideas to Help Acceptance of the Oral Tradition

The Ramchal in his “Essay on Fundamentals” says that G-d did not desire to write the Torah so clearly that it would not need any explanation. Quite to the contrary, He wrote in it many undefined concepts, so no man could possibly know its true meaning without being given an explanation. This explanation must come […]

Guide to Buying Tzitzit

At the end of last week’s Parsha the Torah instructs us to wear tzitzit “in order to remember and fulfill all of [the] mitzvahs” (Bamidbar 15:40). To explain the mitzvah, the Midrash brings an analogy of a ship passenger who fell into the water. The captain throws him a line, shouting, “Hold onto the rope […]

Pirkei Avos Week 2

This week is the second Perek for Pirkei Avos. Here is the link for an English Translation of all six Perakim culled from Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld’s translation and commentary at The full text of Pirkei Avos in Hebrew can be found here. also has some of the Maharal’s commentary for Pirkei Avos and […]

What to Do on a Long Shabbos Afternoon?

Hi, I would like to just post a simple question to pose to the BT blogosphere: What is a young, single BT girl to do on a long Shabbos afternoon? I live in a small, heimish Jewish community where most girls are either married, or single and living with family. There is usually about one […]

Speaking to Your Kids About Personal Safety – mp3 and article

Here is the audio file of Rabbi Horowitz talk on “Speaking to Your Kids About Personal Safety” in Queens last night. The practical tips are from the article below from Rabbi Horowitz’ website. In the broadest sense, I think that the time for fathers and mothers to begin protecting their beloved children from sexual abuse […]

This Cannot Go On

By Chaya Houpt Around the time Y.B. and A.N. turned two, they started to Talk. Not just words, but sentences, and then plans and games and conspiracies. Where they had previously been mostly indifferent to each other’s presence, suddenly they were partners in crime. They would stay up for most of the night, chatting and […]

Links for Hundreds of Articles and Audios for Shavuos

YU Torah – Shavuot To Go 5771 by various Authors Shavuos Articles from Shavuot from Wikipedia Shavuot Articles and Audio from Ohr Somayach Shavuot Articles from Aish YU Torah – Hundreds of Shavuot Shiurim by various Speakers Shavuos Articles from Torah Lab Shavuos Articles from Shavuos Audio from Shavuos Audio from […]

Keep Our Children Safe

I am pleased to inform you of a Project YES, “Keep Our Children Safe” initiative designed to raise awareness among parents in our community about the importance of speaking to your children about safety and personal space—in order to protect them from child abuse and molestation. Advertisement: The workshops will be practical in nature and […]

The One Minute Shavuous

I have the good fortune to keep in touch online and offline with many non-observant friends from my childhood. Before Pesach a few of them were in search of a 2-5 minute seder, so I cut down the Beyond BT Guide to the Seder to it’s bare bone essentials using the logic that any mitzvah […]

I’m Getting Married in the Morning…

By Charnie Many of you might recall that line from the song “Get Me to the Church on Time” from the show and movie “My Fair Lady”. Allow me to clarify what’s going on here. I’m not getting married, B”H I’ve been married for over 20 years. But two good friends of mine from way […]

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