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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Mission Accomplished (although I am not wearing an air force jumpsuit)

Dear Beyond Teshuva Readers: It has been far too long since I have posted on this website, but I do visit the site regularly and I am proud to have had a small part in facilitating the rich and meaningful discussions on Beyond Teshuva a number of years ago when Mark and David were launching […]

Bamidbar Around the ‘Net

This is one of the few years Bamidbar is not read right before Shavuos. Wikipedia on Bamidbar OU Parashat Bamidbar Aliya-by-Aliya Sedra Summary Chabad Parasha Bamidbar Summary Torah.Org Bamidbar Summary YU Torah Online free mp3s on Bamidbar Aish on Bamidbar

Are BTs Better or Worse Equipped to Navigate the Lonely Place of Faith?

In the introduction to Doubleday edition of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s classic, “The Lonely Man of Faith”, Dr. David Shatz highlights man’s dual nature of conquering, creating, dominating and controlling the world on one hand and his thirst for redemption, self-discipline and submissiveness to G-d on the other. Man’s task is to integrate this dual nature through […]

The Ascent to Haute Boro Park

This post was written in response to a Tablet magazine piece posting a slide show of a women’s change from jeans skirts to jeans. Dear Ms.Umansky, If you can run an entire piece plus a slide show on Dvora Meyer’s evolution (devolution?) from jeanskirt wearing into jeans, than I’d like to propose the opposite side. […]

A Quest for a New Type of Yeshiva

Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer is in the process of starting a new Yeshiva based on the principles of Torah Im Derech Eretz and ideas addressed by Dr Nathan Birnbaum. Below is a 1927 address by Dr Birnbaum with comments by Rabbi Bechhofer regarding how he hopes to implement these ideals. Organized Orthodoxy is obliged to […]

Got Integration?

Integrating into the community is one of the bigger challenges for BTs in larger communities. Included in integration is conformity. How would you differentiate between integrating and conforming? In what ways have you conformed? Do you feel that you are integrated? How would you determine if a person has integrated into the community? What are […]

The Challenge of Introducing Young American Jews to Torah

Ben Moshe’s comment on ‘The ABCD of Young American Jews’. There are no shortcuts to solving this problem. No matter how one tries to position it, Judaism is prescriptive. It teaches that there are things that one must do, and things that one cannot do; things that are permitted, and things that are off-limits. These […]

Thanking our Torah Teachers

I just spent 4 days at the Torah U’Mesorah convention selling, InfoGrasp, my companies School and Non Profit Management Software. It was a great experience, especially on Shabbos when 1,500 Jews shared an amazingly uplifting G-d and Torah connecting experience powered by non-stop talks and lectures by some of the greatest Rebbeim in America. With […]

Mini Series: On Becoming a Baal Teshuva

Mini Series: On Becoming a Baal Teshuva on Web Yeshiva Course Description Join Allison Josephs, founder of, as she shares the story of her journey of spiritual growth. Part 1: “Why I Did It,” (experiencing an existential crisis in childhood pushed me to find purpose before it was too late). Part 2: “How I […]

How Would You Describe Your Secular Knowledge Integration Strategy

How Would You Describe Your Secular Knowledge Integration Strategy? a) I discard or ignore most secular knowledge b) I accept most secular knowledge and only discard that which blatantly contradicts Torah c) I carefully sift secular knowledge to see if it is truly consistent with Torah d) Other

Lives My Father Told Me

I just said my last kaddish for my father A”H until his yortzeit. So this is as good a moment as ever finally to commit to writing the post I had meant for so long to write, and said last year I was not writing then, and that so many of us have in us. […]

Back In The Ring

Stop in at the Gann El auto repair shop in Atlanta and you’ll be greeted with an ear-to-ear smile by owner Greg Herman. Take a look around the shop and you’ll find plenty of broken cars and the tools to fix them. Nothing in the shop gives away Greg’s previous life, except of course the […]

What is Your Response to Osama’s Death and The Events in the Middle East?

Although the capturing of Osama is important, the events and the regime changes in the Middle East will have far more of an effect on Israel and the Jews. A short time ago, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky was asked about the significance of developments in the Middle East and he said: “People come and say that […]

Wearing My BT Badge with Pride

This is a response to the post, Can and Should BTs become Virtually Indistinguishable? I wish I could have seen the entirety of the letter for the Kiruv organization that was quoted. My immediate gut reaction was insult. In a frum community, if all members are following halacha and more or less the same customs, […]

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