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Spiritual Growth for Jews

How Did You Adjust to the Structure of Observant Living?

Torah Observance is very structured in terms of our day, our week, how we dress, how we eat. Did you find this structure confining at first? How long did it take you to adapt to all the structure? Do you think BTs are more often the type of people who embrace structure?

Light to The Jews

We as Jews are failing our own people. Many people’s experiences with Judaism have clearly not been warm or inspiring enough for them to seek out more than a superficial level of involvement in Judaism. I believe that BTs especially need to be comfortable enough in their choice to become observant so as not to […]

What Do You Eat On Shabbat?

We all know that food plays an important role in our Shabbat routine. We know that we have a halachic obligation for three Shabbat meals. Many of us know that the Ari emphasized a kabbalistic importance to these meals. And many of us are very much set on a particular menu for Shabbat. This is […]

Tu Bishvat – Eat some fruit! Enjoy life!

Some call it Israeli Arbor Day. Others think of it as Jewish Environmentalism Day. Mystics make a symbolic holy meal called a seder at night. Others plant a tree in Israel. Its true name is Tu Bishvat, Hebrew for the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month of Shvat which always comes at this time in […]

Parenting Teleconference with Rabbi Horowitz – Thursday Night Jan. 20th – “The Art of the Deal – Negotiating Effectively with Your Kids”

PARENTING TELECONFERENCE with Rabbi Horowitz – This Thursday Night Jan. 20th “The Art of the Deal – Negotiating Effectively with Your Kids” Join Rabbi Yakov Horowitz and Rabbi Avraham Mifsud for a 30 minute live telephone parenting conference call titled: The Art of the Deal: Negotiating Effectively with Your Kids When raising children, effective negotiation […]

Would You Pay For a Long Distance Rabbi/Torah Teacher?

The traditional means of supporting a Rabbi is through a Shul. Members pays fees and make donations and the Rabbi either owns and operates the Shul or gets a salary. Nowadays there a lot of BTs and FFBs who live in areas where they have not found a Rabbi or Torah Teacher to fill their […]

The Refuah Comes Before the Maka

Since downsizing considerably to move from Pennsylvania to Highland Park, NJ, my husband and I have been sharing a closet in our bedroom for the past six years. Our turf is clearly divided, his belongings to the left, mine to the right, and like wool and linen, never the two shall mix. My husband is […]

Some Thoughts About Shabbos Shira

Rabbi Dov Ber Weisman – Torah from Dixie: This Shabbat is one of the few throughout the year that is given a special name. The day we read Parshat Beshalach is called Shabbat Shira (the Shabbat of Song), commemorating the glorious and awe-inspiring event when, after the miraculous deliverance from the Egyptians at the Red […]

How Should We Format Beyond BT Meet Ups

We’ve previously had a few Beyond BT Shabbatons and Melava Malkas and those involved got much Chizuk out of it. We would like to schedule a Beyond BT meet up every 2,3 or 4 months. It can be on a Moetzae Shabbos, a Sunday or a Weekday night. We can have it in NYC, Queens, […]

The ‘ABCD’ of Young American Jews

Notes from a talk given by Prof. Steven M. Cohen at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London, UK, December 2 2009. Young people are distancing themselves from aspects of the Judaism of their elders, and responding to what they see as its shortcomings. Embodied within the endeavors outlined above is both a widely held, […]

Trying to Keep the Peace

By Jonathan I first went to Yeshiva when I was in my mid-20’s after graduating college. My oldest brother’s wife is an unabashed Catholic. When he made what they call a bar-mitzvah, the pressure from my parents, who were alive at the time, was very great. My Rebbe called a well known Rov who was […]

Parsha Bo

Here’s Rabbi Rietti’s outline of Bo. You can purchase the entire outline of the Chumash here. After you read the Parsha, take a look at the last Ramban, which many consider one of the most important Rambans in the Chumash. Bo # 10 Locusts – Darkness: # 11 Warning: Death of First Born:  # […]

Is the Torah True Life Appropriate for Every Jew?

Dear Beyond BT Stories about secular and unaffiliated Jews who undergo miraculous conversions after being exposed to the beauty of Yiddishkeit, the Torah lifestyle, etc… are very popular on BBT. However, you usually avoid mention of those who experience the observant world and walk away. When you do deal with the ex-BT phenomenon, it’s often […]

He Who Has Sinned Can Teach

By Will Gotkin In his book, Rebbes and Chassidim: What they said what they meant, Rabbi Abraham Twerski, M.D. quotes the following from King Solomon: “It is better to hear the rebuke of a wise man than one who hears the song of simpletons” (Ecclesiastes 7:5). Twerski writes that Rabbi Bunim of Pschis’che pointed out […]

The Spiritual Magnificence of Snow

New Yorkers were treated to their first snow storm of the season last Sunday. After the storm, it was a beautiful sight and it was good packing snow for snow balls and snow men, but it presented a very real set of challenges. My wife and I had two weddings (among the five that were […]

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