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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Feeling Human Beings

HASHEM said to Moshe, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your staff and strike the dust of the land; it shall become lice throughout the land of Egypt.’” (Shemos 8:12) Say to Aaron: This plague was not initiated by Moshe for the soil did not deserve to be stricken by Moshe because it protected him when […]

Truth or Happiness.

It seems that many people come to Torah because they believe it’s true or because they think it will lead to a better lifestyle that will make them happier. Which was the driving factor in your return to observance? What was the driving factor in the majority of BTs you’ve spoke to about the subject? […]

It’s Starting to Look a Lot Like … December 25th

We American Jews of today are fortunate to be living in a place and a time that is very kindly to Jews. America has indeed been described as a “medina shel Chesed,” and truthfully, I don’t believe that there’s been any other place and time in our long Galus that was friendlier. Yes, occasionally in […]

Who is the Outstanding Jew of the Year?

Mark Zuckenberg, a fellow Jew, is Time magazines’s person of the Year. Do we adequately acknowledge the accomplishments of our non-observant co-religionists? Who do you think is the Outstanding Jew of 2010 and why? Only positive achievements.

Remembering the Conservative and Orthodox Jewish worlds of the 60s and 70s

I have been a B.T. since 74. This is how I remember the Conservative and Orthodox Jewish worlds of the 60s and 70s. Orthodoxy was a lot less extreme right-wing at that time, and Conservative Judaism was a lot less extreme left-wing. People were actually able to describe themselves as “Conservadox,” which would be nearly […]

How Can We Avoid Alienating our Families and Breaching Our Values?

Dear Beyond BT My husband & I are the only frum people in our respective families, except for an emotionally unstable brother who is somewhat estranged from the family. We have sheltered our kids from as much as we could while still having a loving & close relationship with our parents & siblings. However, something […]

The Value of Vignettes

Ron Coleman recently wrote about Gedolim biographies and their place within our “literature”. While some of the stories or vignettes that we read about a tzeddaikus (holy woman), an adam gadol (great person), or a baal mussar (ethical leader) might seem somewhat hard to believe and might even fall under the secular label of an […]

Chaim and David Linn – the Cover Story Article on Hamodia Magazine This Week

David Linn and his brother Chaim are the cover story of this week’s Hamodia, so we thought it was appropriate that we repost this piece and the great song Chaim wrote: Davey Pray mentioned in the Hamodia article. Yasher Koach also to regular Beyond BT contributor Michael Gros for penning the article. Live on the […]

Almost Trashed

This is what Alan found in the garbage one day: movie ticket stubs, crumpled candy wrappers, a partially eaten ham and cheese sandwich, yesterday’s newspaper, empty soda cans, crushed cigarette butts, and an old pair of tefillin. Then Alan suddenly understood why he had been desperately searching through garbage for years and years. He must […]

A Roadmap for Torah Chinuch

By: Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan A parent in our community, who had consulted with me over the past several years concerning the chinuch of his children, recently informed me that he pulled his children out of our local schools and chose to “home-school” them instead. When I expressed my shock over his decision, a story of […]

Chanukah – the Prototypical Baal Teshuva Holiday

What’s the prototypical Baal Teshuva holiday? Perhaps it’s Rosh Hoshana with it’s new beginning. Or Yom Kippur with it’s focus on Teshuva. Or the unparalleled joy available us on Succos. Or the rediscovering of true freedom on Pesach. Or the celebration of our new found wisdom in Torah on Shavous. Or partying for the sake […]

An Issue of Trust

An Excerpt from An Issue of Trust by Rabbi Noson Weisz Parshat Mikeitz overlaps this week with the celebration of Chanukah. Interestingly, it brings up an issue that defines the very essence of the holiday — bitachon, trust in God. … … … But the story of Chanukah illustrates a deeper concept of bitachon as […]

What’s Your Chanukah Inspirational Take Away?

What’s Your Chanukah Inspirational Take Away? a) Miracles are a reality b) Wars are won through Hashem’s help c) Hashem always saves the Jewish People d) We need to show Mesirus Nefesh for Torah e) We must view the secular through the prism of the spiritual f) We need to introspect on our Hellenistic tendencies […]

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