Eight Questions on This Weeks Parsha.

Some interesting thoughts on approaching the Parsha in a comment thread last week.
This weeks parsha Vayeishev has 4 chapters:
-Brothers Sell Yosef
-Tamar Tricks Yehuda
-Yosef in the House of Potifar and Jail
-The Baker and Wine Pourer’s Dreams

Here’s 8 questions to research about this weeks Parsha:

Was Yaakov justified in buying Yosef a special gift?

Who is responsible for jealousy, the ones who caused it, Yaakov and Yosef, or the ones who feel it, the brothers?

Was Yosef justified in giving Yaakov evil reports to the brothers?

Who sold Yosef to Egypt?

Was Tamar justified in tricking Yehuda?

How did Yehuda succumb to Tamar?

How did Yosef allow himself to be alone with Mrs. Potiphar?

Why were Yosef’s efforts considered a lack of faith when he asked the butler to remember him when released?

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