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In the last few years there has been a very welcome addition to the unique genre of literature called the gedolim biography. I’m referring to translations of unusually intimate and detailed biographies, previously only available in Hebrew, of modern gedolim such as the Brisker Rav, HaRav Menachem Man Shach zt”l, and biographical sketches of other […]

Let Your Fingers Do the Mitzvos

Just Released in Time for Chanukah! by Bracha Goetz Published by Judaica Press, 2010 Let Your Fingers Do the Mitzvos is a new book for little children that is full of tremendous potential. It enables children to actually experience the joy of doing mitzvos while the book is being read. The two dimensional children in […]

What’s Your Take on Chanukah Presents?

With Chanukah a week away here are some questions: Do you give your children presents? Do you give your spouse a present? Do you refrain or moderate your gift giving because of the proximity to Xmas? What would you tell a new BT about giving presents?

Eight Questions on This Weeks Parsha.

Some interesting thoughts on approaching the Parsha in a comment thread last week. This weeks parsha Vayeishev has 4 chapters: -Brothers Sell Yosef -Tamar Tricks Yehuda -Yosef in the House of Potifar and Jail -The Baker and Wine Pourer’s Dreams Here’s 8 questions to research about this weeks Parsha: Was Yaakov justified in buying Yosef […]

Are You a Closet Hellenist?

By Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller The Greeks centered their opposition to the Jews on three religious laws that one the surface of things couldn’t be less threatening to them or their way of life. Why would a Greek concern himself about someone else circumcising his son? If a neighbor likes having three rather lavish meals on […]

Are Our Yeshivos Meeting Our Communal Needs?

Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch recently posted an article saying that Today’s Yeshiva System Is A Recipe To Create Kids At-Risk. In the article Rabbi Schonbuch says: In general our yeshiva system has become too elitist and too inflexible to meet the needs of a growing percentage of Jewish children. Let me be perfectly clear: most yeshivas […]

The Baal Teshuvah and Israel

by Reb Akiva of Mystical Paths As you become interested in Judaism and start reading the tefilot (prayers), you notice reference after reference to Israel. As a Jewish American (order intention) who’s looking to learn more about religion, the constant mentions of Israel are downright confusing. Learning a bit more it gets even more confusing! […]

Is Voting Strictly For Our Interests The Torah Way?

The 2010 election campaign is over, but many more will come. I’ve often seen Jews encouraged to vote solely to bring back the goodies (funding, favorable policies…) to our own communities. The general welfare becomes a minor consideration, if that. What do our sources say about this? What do you think about this? Sincerely, Bob […]

So, You’re Going to Meet a Shadchan?

By Miriam Kolko Finding the right shadchan is a process in itself. Having spent the last years developing yourself you are ready to build a home and share it with your bashert, but now discover that a shadchan is often a prerequisite to finding a suitable match. How do you promote yourself so that your […]

Please Support Queens Hatzolah

We don’t need to remind you… We don’t need to remind you that if there is an emergency, your first thought and action would be to call Hatzolah. We don’t need to remind you that the fastest, most reliable volunteer organization in the world is Hatzolah. And we don’t need to remind you that your […]

Parsha Toldos – What Divrei Internet Are You Reading?

Have you checked out Aish on the Parsha recently. Here’s the wide variety for Parshas Toldot. Rabbi Weisz who is listed under Mayonot on the Aish page is a long time Beyond BT favorite. In this piece called the First War of the Worlds he highlights how Judaism and Christianity are rooted in the world […]

Embarrassment Over a Chumra?

Dear BBT I am wondering if you could help me answer a question. In a class I gave this evening, a woman told us of an incident that happened to her that upset her very much. She was in a store and the worker behind the counter, a chassidishe gentleman, would not take her credit […]

Bringing Friends Back Together

BeyondBT has done it again. I came home to find a lovely message with a voice from the past. My dear old friend Y and I first met at Machon Meir in Yerushalayim in the early 80s, when I was the madrich for the English speaking students. We lost touch over the years, and then, […]

Just Ten Minutes?

“Take ten minutes out of your day, To do what you enjoy,” the “experts” now say. Ten whole minutes? Is that all we get? Nearly twenty-four hours with pleasures unmet? Has it come down to this? Must we settle so low? Our foremother knew more than today’s “experts” know. “All her days were good,” our […]

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