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Beyond BT Announces Effort To Curtail Internet Usage

In an effort to encourage others to reduce their internet* usage, Beyond Teshuva** has announced a weekly “Log Off Day”. Mark Frankel, one of BBT’s Administrators and its resident IT guru explained the endeavor: “Every week, from just before sundown Friday to just after nightfall Saturday evening, we are asking that all of our fellow […]

However You Say It, We Wish Everybody a Wonderful Purim.

However You Say It, We Wish Everybody a Wonderful Purim. Is “Happy Purim” the traditional Purim greeting ? Well, yes. “Happy Purim” is the principle anglicized version of a number of transliterated Hebrew variations of “Happy Purim”. What are the transliterated Hebrew versions of “Happy Purim” ? There are many traditional Purim greetings in Hebrew. […]

Parenting and Drinking Responsibly

“It is an Aveira to Get Drunk on Purim,” was a direct quote from Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetsky shlit’a, who took precious time from his busy schedule and shared his da’as Torah with hundreds of participants worldwide last week during a Project Y.E.S. conference call, titled, “Purim Parenting: Keeping Our Children Safe and Sober.” I had […]

How Much Should A Person Learn Each Day?

How much Torah do you learn a day on average from Sunday through Thursday? a) less than 1hour b) between 1 and 2 hours c) more than 2 hours What do you think is a reasonable amount of time to learn each weekday? a) less than 1hour b) between 1 and 2 hours c) more […]

Mind Your Step

Looking on the bright side, I’m fortunate to have made through nearly half a century of life without breaking a bone. I’m fortunate to be in good enough physical condition to hold my own on the racquetball court, even if don’t usually win. I’m fortunate that it wasn’t my left ankle, so I can drive […]

They Don’t Make Anti Semites Like They Used To

By Rabbi Benzion Shaffier “In the third year of his reign, he made a party for all of his officers and servants, the rulers of Paras and Madai, the Partamim and rulers in front of him.” – Esther 1:2 The Megillah opens with a description of Achashverosh’s vast empire, “He ruled over one hundred and […]

We’ve Got It Backwards

“Mommy, I can’t read this. It’s all upside down! Mommy, it’s the truth – Why do you have that frown?” “b’s and d’s aren’t easy. For me, they are hard. M’s and W’s – I can’t tell them apart.” “Tatte, I can’t daven, Like others in shul. I don’t want to go. I look like […]

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Will be Speaking in KGH This Friday at 8:30 PM at CAY

Join us for a Shiur For Men & Women Rabbi Yakov Horowitz “Different Strokes: Learning Profiles and Your Child’s Success in School & Life” Friday Night Parshas Terumah February 19th, 2010 – 8:30 PM Congregation Ahavas Yisroel 147-02 73rd Avenue

Do You Have Plans For Making Aliyah?

According to the Torah, all or most of the Jewish people will be moving to Eretz Yisroel in the future. Do you have current plans to make Aliyah and move to Eretz Yisroel? If no, why not or when do you plan on moving?

Rabbi Mayer Schiller – The Biggest Challenges Facing Baalei Teshuva

This article was posted on Tuesday, December 9th, 2005, but many of our current readers might have missed it and it’s definitely worth reading again. Part 1 — Challenges I have been asked to write on the “biggest challenges facing baalei teshuva.” Of course, every Jew in his life’s pursuit of Hashem and His Torah […]

Simplicity is Wonderful but it’s for the Next World!

Purim is somehow connected to Yom Kippur – in the Torah it is called Yom Hakippurim and the play on words is not lost on the Rabbis. They say that in a sense, Yom Kipur is a yom k’Purim, meaning a day like Purim, so in some way Purim is seen as a paradigm of […]

Torah From Queens

A New Weekly Shiur by Rabbi Bentzion Chait on Integrating Torah into Daily Life as Per Chovos Halevavos begins this Wednesday at 8:30 PM at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel. (Check the website at if you can’t make it). Bava Basra Siyum – R’ Moshe Schwerd, R’ Ruby Ginsberg, R’ Steve Weiss give some nice vorts […]

Mishpatim – Daf Yomi Bava Siyum – Shnayim Mikra Breaker

The Daf Yomi cycle will be finishing Bava Basra on Shabbos (and starting Sanhedrin on Sunday). So it’s certainly no coincidence that this week’s parsha is Mishpatim which is the Torah source for many of the sugyas in Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia and Bava Basra. A friend said that Mishpatim is a potential Shnayim Mikra […]

Question of the Week: What’s the Next Step?

Lisa writes: I have a younger brother who is not observant. Recently, he has been showing interest in Yiddishkeit. I’m concerned about being pushy or not supportive enough. Do I refer him to classes, a book, a Rabbi, something else? Any advice would be appreciated.

The BT and the SuperBowl

The NY Times has a good article about Alan Shlomo Veingrad, the Professional Football Player who won a Superbowl with the Dallas Cowboys and became an observant Jew afterwards. The Ba’al Guf and the Ba’al Teshuva A promotional flier announced the evening’s subject as “Super Bowl to Super Jew.” There was truth in that advertising. […]

Dealing With Lack of Appreciation

People involved in Communal and Chesed projects know that it is not unusual for the recipients to not show adequate (or sometimes any) appreciation. Although at the higher levels of Chesed we should not care about the appreciation shown, it can be troublesome sometimes. How have people dealt with this situation either internally or through […]

Putting Hubby First

I didn’t grow up with a mother who gave me any kind of pre-marital chat about how to be a good wife. But I learned from watching her. In our household, she was fully dedicated to taking care of my father’s every need. I vividly remember their routine – he ran a business about a […]

Holden Caulfield and the Lack of Observance

Note: A few of the thoughts and ideas that make up this post have been sitting in my Blogger Dashboard since 08/09/06, after I sent an email to someone regarding banned seforim and authors. I heard on CBS radio that J.D. Salinger had died. As a former fan of fiction, avid reader of THE NEW […]

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