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Lifecycle Events – Tips on Making a Wedding, a Bar Mitzvah or a Bris

I’m 53, I’ve been a Baalas-Teshuvah since June 1974, when I was 17-1/2. Since then, I’ve gotten married and had seven children (four girls, three boys, in that order) and ten gorgeous grandchildren (so far). The first generation has had six weddings (the youngest boy not yet, he’s only 19), three Bar Mitzvahs, and three […]

Identity Theft of the Biggest Kind

Just about all of us have had our identities stolen from us. I think I lost mine about 53 years ago, but I only realized it last night. Thanks to my husband. Over dinner last night, he pointed out to me that we’d had our identities stolen. Truth is, it was probably a lot longer […]

The Book of the People – The ArtScroll Siddur at 25

Assuming I must have missed something — something that would be hard to miss, but stranger things have happened — I did a Google search before I wrote this article: ARTSCROLL SIDDUR ANNIVERSARY — nope. Too narrow? ARTSCROLL ANNIVERSARY … Nope. For all practical purposes, at least as far as I can tell, the 25th […]

How Much To Know About History, How Much About Biology…?

Dear Beyond BT I’m a BT for many years with a Masters Degree so I certainly see the value of a good education. The problem I’m facing is that while helping some memorization challenged children with their tests, I have become increasingly aware that there is a tremendous amount of trivial information that has to […]

Rebbetzin Heller on Complacency and Happiness

Rebbetzin Heller gave a shiur last night in Kew Gardens Hills on Breaking out of Our Complacency. Here is post from her website on happiness: There are two kinds of simchah. One is the vivid, transient, engaging joy that the animal soul is addicted to. It propels us to almost constant movement towards whatever the […]

BTs in Passaic Lead The Fight Against Sexual Predators

The Jewish Week had an article this week titled A Haredi Town Confronts Abuse From The Inside. That town is Passaic and resident Mitch Morrison points out: Passaic “is unlike many Orthodox communities in New York and New Jersey. It is neither Modern Orthodox nor Chassidish.” It has, Morrison wrote, a demographic distinction that may […]

Ameilus B’Torah vs Email-Us the Torah

It is quite clear that Torah is the foundation on which our service of Hashem is built. To the degree to which we know and understand Torah is to the degree to which we can properly serve Hashem. To attain the proper knowledge we need to be Ameil B’Torah – toil in Torah, which means […]

In Defense of Reform Sunday School Education

I read Beyond BT’s recent article by Azriela Jaffe, Vaccinating Our Children Against Prayer, with great interest. Based on my own reform sunday school and temple experiences, I also felt that those experiences not only vaccinate Jewish children against prayer, but also against any interest in Judaism in general. My theory was that having no […]

Rabbi Lazer Brody on Shalom Bayis – Mp3

Rabbi Lazer Brody inspired approximately 200 people on Sunday with a shiur sponsored by Chazaq at the Beth Gavriel Community Center on Shalom Bayis. As you might know, Rabbi Brody has translated Rabbi Shalom Arush’s book on Shalom Bayis called The Garden of Peace, a marital guide for men only. If is highly acclaimed and […]

Rabbi Lazer Brody in Queens and NJ – Plus Audio File From 5 Towns

The remainder of Rabbi Lazer Brody’s schedule is posted below. # Shabbat Yayera, November 6-7, 2009 Emuna Shabbaton, Monmouth Torah Links, Marlboro, NJ – contact Scott at 732-547-1808 for details # Saturday Night, November 7, 2009 – 8:30 PM Iselin, NJ: Melava Malka, “Answer to all your questions,” Woodbridge Hilton, 120 Wood Ave South, # […]

Any Advice on Spending Shabbos at Non-Frum Family?

My wife and two sons and I are going to visit my wife’s parent’s for Thanksgiving. Athough my wife’s parents are not frum, they keep kosher to standard that we will eat there, even if they don’t do things exactly the way we do. However, this trip proves to be stressful. Unless something changes in […]

Connect to the Yankees By Watching the Game, Connect to Hashem By Learning Torah

My son sometimes asks me why we have to learn so much Gemora. Yesterday I told him that if you wanted to be a Yankee fan, you would at least have to follow the game. Nobody can claim to be a Yankee fan if they don’t watch the game or at least follow what’s going […]

How a Planned Cremation was Changed to a Proper Jewish Burial

By Miriam Sidell This post is a follow up to a Question of the week from Dec 2, 2008 titled How Can I Prevent a Cremation? This is the story of how a planned cremation was changed to a proper Jewish burial, chasdei Hashem. Two years ago when my grandmother passed away at the age […]

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