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Fear and Loathing in Jerusalem: the Olam Ha’Sheker Excuse

By William Kolbrenner Open Minded Torah Spring time in Jerusalem, so yet once more, my wife and I embark on the path of finding a place for our son Shmuel with Down syndrome, this time in a cheder, a pre-kindergarden class in our neighborhood. So earlier this week, we set up a meeting with the […]

Sharing Our Torah – Is There a Point When You Just Need to Move On?

We’re coming up to Shavous and we all feel blessed to be involved with Torah. But often when we try to share the Torah with those who aren’t observant they can sometimes look at us like we’re from Mars. Yes we’ve listened to the tapes of why Torah Judaism doesn’t discriminate against women. And we […]

Food, Body Image and Eating Disorders in the Jewish Community

FOOD, BODY IMAGE AND EATING DISORDERS IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY Conference for Professionals, Educators, Rabbis and Students Keynote speakers at the event will be Esther Altmann, PhD., a Manhattan psychologist and eating disorders specialist and Senior Consultant, Orthodox Jewish Eating Disorders Program, Renfrew Center; and Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD, Founder and Medical Director Emeritus of […]

Rabbi Akiva and the Curse of Torah Without Respect

By Simon Synett Rabbi Akiva had 12,000 pairs of students and they all died in one period because they didn’t treat one-another with respect. In Hebrew shelo nahagu kavod ze-lazeh. (Yevamos 62b) The gemara continues that from that time, the entire world was desolate until Rabbi Akiva took on the five apprentices who would later […]

Should I Be Learning Kabbalah?

Dear Beyond BT My friend and I have been frum for about 10 years coming though a Yeshivish environment. We both spend a decent amount of time learning, including regular review of the parsha with Rashi and we have gone through Mishnayos and Mishna Berurah on the Daf a day plan. In addition we both […]

What is Torah Judaism (in 500 words or less) #5

By Rabbi David Aaron (This was composed primarily from Rabbi Aaron’s book – Living a Joyous Life – The True Spirit to Jewish Practice, which we highly recommend. Check out Rabbi Aaron’s other books or visit his website.) Judaism clarifies the essential beliefs that inspire and enable us to live a purposeful, passionate, pleasurable life […]

His Whole Life Turned On A Sandwich

by Michael Gros You never know what event will spark a person’s interest to return to Judaism. Art Sherman was an assimilated Jew married to a Polish Catholic woman. He owned a non-kosher Italian hero shop, and an unbelievable comment one day by his Rastafarian employee sent him on a life-changing journey. After their wedding […]

Agudah and the BT

As you know from last week’s post, Ron Coleman, an integral part of Beyond BT, is being honored by Agudath Israel of America. We are setting a goal here on the blog to raise a modest $360 on behalf of Agudah and we on the admin side are personally pledging $100 towards that goal. If […]

Agudath Israel of America and me. And us.

I’m going to be an “honoree” at the Agudath Israel of America dinner a week from Sunday, May 17th in New York. I am among a handful of people receiving the Avodas Hakodesh award, which is for volunteers who contribute to the Agudah in some way by, well, avodah — work. If the Agudah calls […]

Teshuva and Changing Politics

It’s been a long time since I posted here, but I was feeling kind of bad for Mark and David (who recently emailed out a request for posts) and I still remember the last question I was pondering for Beyond BT – a question that irked me so much, I found myself stymied. That question […]

Introduction to Judaism Books – Are There Any Must Reads?

Many of us have shelves lined with Introduction to Judaism books, but I’m not sure there are any books that stand out as clear must reads. Many of the books out there are encyclopedic and many seem more geared to the BT already on his way. Have you found any books that you would say […]

What is Torah Judaism (in 500 Words or Less) #4

By Rabbi Micha Berger 1- It is the nature of good to have a recipient 2- We were created to receive good 3- The ultimate good is the Image of G-d 4- Therefore we can’t just receive, Hashem gave us an opportunity to finish the job, to imitate the Creator 5- Thus, we must perfect […]

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