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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Kiruv for the Already Frum

Too often, after a BT has joined the ranks of the observant, he/she is left to work out major life challenges without an adequate support system. FFBs forget that a BT doesn’t come from a family background with frum values, and may need a surrogate family (maybe just one family, but more often in the […]

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller New Sefer and Mp3

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller was in Kew Gardens Hills on Tuesday. Here is the shiur she gave at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel on Chesed in Turbulent Times. Rebbetzin has a new sefer, co-written with Sara Yoheved Rigler called Battle Plans: How to Fight the Yetzer Hara. Here is an excerpt from the book. The book draws from […]

Torah Audio – Free or Pay

As the years go on, there is more and more Torah audio available for free on the Internet, however there are still a significant number of pay sites. Some of these pay sites have shiurim that many would benefit from, but for which they are unlikely to pay given the wealth of free material. 1) […]

Am I Still a Baal Teshuvah?

By Shlomo I grew up in a relatively unaffiliated Jewish household. About ten years ago, I began on my path of religious observance. I studied in Yeshivas in America and in Israel, learning what it meant to be an observant Jew. However, I never was able to “fit the mold”. Anyone who knows me knows […]

Translated Text of Pirkei Avos – and What Are The Most Popular Sayings

As many of you know, there is a widespread Jewish custom of learning Pirkei Avos in the six week period between Pesach and Shavous. Some have the custom to keep on learning a perek a week until Rosh Hoshana. Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld of Beit Shemesh, Israel has an excellent commentary to Pirkei Avos over at […]

On Disabling the “Frumkeit-Checker” In My Brain

It’s Shushan Purim, a school vacation day here in the Holy Land and I’m out with my brood at an amusement park. The children are scattered; some on the bumper cars, others on trampolines and I’m at the plastic picnic tables along with the other bored adults, waiting for the kids to tire out or […]

Dealing With the Post Pesach Blues

Pesach is over and I’m sure many had a wonderful Yom Tov. How do you deal with the inevitable let down as we return to the day to day struggles of life? What impressions, insights and lessons have you taken out of Pesach this year which can continue to inspire you and others in the […]

Our Fixation on Happy Endings

On Friday night, I heard a story – about a businessman in Baltimore who returned to Judaism late in life. Though he did not have the skills in Torah study of many of his new found peers, he found other ways to express his commitment to Torah and Jewish life – through tzedakah, charity and […]

A Short Pesach Thought

Pesach is a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth, because it’s at this point of the year that it becomes extremely clear that despite our need to do hishtadlus (make efforts), Hashem was, is, and will always be in total control of the outcome. As we perform the many mitzvos of the Seder night, we can […]

Do You Have Specific Seder Table Customs To Engage the Participants?

By Rabbi Mordechai Scher My wife’s best friend’s family has had us for Pesah for years now. That itself may qualify by now as a ‘tradition’. First Queens, then Beit Shemesh, for now Syosset. There are a few customs, learned as a young man in Israel, that I do at the seder each year. There […]

Bringing Down the Light of Redemption

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Nation of Israel, As we enter this holiday commemorating our redemption, it is important to understand why we celebrate. It is not just to remember the miracles that led to our redemption but to bring this energy back in and recreate it so that we may experience it again. […]

Here are Some Great Pesach Mp3s on Seder and Haggadah by Rabbi Moshe Gordon

Pesach is approaching quickly and we need to prepare both physically and spiritually. Here is an amazing series of Shiurim by Rabbi Moshe Gordon on the Seder and the Haggadah which covers the major Rishonim, Achronim and Poskim on the mitzvos of Pesach night. Seder Kadesh and Arba Kosos Urchatz Karpas Yachatz Hallel Rachtza Matza […]

There’s No Jewish Santa

By FFB I believe one of the most unique aspects of Judaism is the manner in which we transmit it to our future generations. There is no Jewish Santa Claus. Whatever we tell our children, we believe ourselves. There is no place in Judaism for “Do as I say, not as I do” or “You […]

Preparing for Pesach and Beyond

Here is the Beyond BT Guide to the Seder which goes through the basic halachos of each step of the seder. While getting ready for Pesach, you might want to give Rabbi Welcher’s Preparing for Pesach a listen. The Absolut Haggadah, a refreshing blend of humor and commentary trying to uncover the pshat (basic meaning) […]

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