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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Getting Past BT Burnout

In the two months before Pesach, I had decided I’d had enough. My day was too full to work in the davening, the tehillim, the perek shirah, etc. etc., and still take care of my household responsibilities, a full-time job and a two-hour a day commute. So I stopped davening. I’d get up in the […]

The ‘Good Person’ Test

From my personal experience, whenever a religious person is dragged into a discussion about religion with a combative non-religious person, the first thing the non-religious person tries to emphasise is how they / their spouse / children / siblings / whoever are ‘good people’. The argument, which I’m sure must be familiar to other readers […]


What would you do if you were one of the world’s greatest magicians? No, not like David Blaine and slight of hand type magic, but real magic. Would you sell your abilities to become wealthy? If you knew God blessed you with these abilities would you use them to do something He didn’t want you […]

Metamorphasis of a Teenage Punk

Sometime back Ezzie sent us this post from a frequent guest contributor to his site. I believe the post was also up for a JIB Award. By Pobodys Nerfect The following is an essay that I wrote for English class, on the topic, “Growing Up.” Enjoy. Many people have a hard time digesting the following […]

Beyond BT Beyond Borders- Melava Malka in Eretz Yisrael

The Beyond BT Melava Malka in Eretz Yisroel is scheduled for THIS MOETZAE SHABBOS,May 26th from 9:00-11:30 in Beit Shemesh at the home of Beyond BT contributor Menachem Lipkin.(I believe his daughter will be there as well, so you can ask all of the questions you want about their letters ;) ) For location details […]

What No One Wants to Talk About

Beyond Teshuva is now just about a a year and a half old. I think we,as a community, have done some great things. We’ve pretty much taken at least some small steps in the direction of our tag line “learning growing, giving”. Our posts have pretty much run the gamut from noserings to sartorial splendor, […]

JIB Awards

Well, the JIB Awards have wrapped up and we’re happy to say that Beyond Teshuva came in Second Place for Best Group Blog. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for us and extend our gratitude to all of you that contribute and comment here on a daily basis. This clearly is a group effort. […]

The Omer (Part II) The Ultimate TS (Tinok Shenishba)

The tinok shenishba is the “kidnapped Jewish child”. Question: Who is he kidnapped from, his parents? Answering that question yes or no would be missing the point. After all,the parents might well be the kidnappers. The tinok shenishba is the Jew who has been kidnapped from Hashem, kidnapped from the vital knowledge requisite to understanding […]

Worlds Collide – A Chassidic Rebbe in a Web-Based Address

The Melitzer Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Naftali Moscowitz, the Rebbe of Rabbi Lazer Brody agreed to Rabbi Brody’s request to directly address the internet public. So, join in this “internet first” by taking a moment to listen to the Melitzer Rebbe’s divrei torah and bracha.

Shavuot Shiur in KGH Area: Bringing Moshiach Through Kiruv

My shul features all-night learning on Shavuot and offers people in the community the chance to speak. I will be speaking on a topic relevant to all of us so I would like to invite anyone in the area to stop on by. I’m speaking at 3:10 a.m. at Ohr Moshe in Hillcrest, 170-16 73rd […]

Getting Real and Going Global

One of the things I’ve loved about the whole “Beyond Teshuva” experience has been the ability to meet so many of our fellow bloggers and commentors at live events. We have two such events on the horizon: Beyond BT Melava Malka in Eretz Yisroel Mark has already landed in Eretz Yisrael and will be in […]

An Exchange of Letters With My Daughter

In preparing to move my newly married daughter out of the house I found two letters that we had exchanged a few years ago. The letters were written in the summer of 2001 while Elisheva, between eighth and ninth grades at the time, was away at camp in the Catskill Mountains and are reprinted below […]

Profiles in Courage

Rabbi Dovid Schwartz In their Yeshivas and Batei Ya’akov our FFB children benefit from the study and inspiration-by-osmosis of the classic Mussar literature. In the tables of contents of these works one will find a profusion of fine and noble middos = character traits. There’s alacrity, humility, love, mercy, magnanimity and fear of heaven, et […]

Do the Details Really Matter?

People often ask me, “what mitzvah was the hardest one to take on? Was it covering your hair, or eating kosher, or the laws of mikvah?” I reply: “None of the above. It was the attitude change I had to make, which I still struggle with to this day, even after over a decade of […]

The Fire Within Her

For my wife Shana, what started as a tiny spark deep inside her soul eventually grew into a brilliant light guiding her forward on life’s journey. Each one of has this spark inside us, a yearning to connect to our traditions. The Torah portion of Vayikra begins with the words, “And He (G-d) Called to […]

Have You Voted in the JIBs

The JIB Awards are underway and we made it to the Finals in four categories thanks to the Beyond BT community. Since Beyond BT is between 93% and 99% L’Sheim Shmayim (for the sake of heaven) there’s a possibility that if you vote for us and more people get involved with the community, you’ll get […]

There Are No Coincidences

I was reviewing the Parsha Friday morning and I realized that I hadn’t informed my Partners in Torah chavrusa that it was a double parsha. My chavrusa loves to learn and each week he reads *every* Art Scroll note and translation on the parsha. I gave him a call around 10:15 to tell him. He […]

Chumash Workbook

Rabbi Horowitz is involved in the publishing of a Chumash Workbook. Click here to find out more about it and to get a free pre-publication download of the workbook.

Beit Shemesh Melava Malka and Passaic Shabbaton

The Beit Shemesh Melava Malka is scheduled for May 26th at the home of Menachem Lipkin from 9:00 PM till 11:30 PM. We hope our readers, writers and commentators will join us there. Please e-mail us for the address. The Passaic Shabbaton is currently scheduled for July 21st due to the many camp comings […]

Pesach Sheini

Last week was Pesach Sheini, the “raindate” for bringing the Korban Pesach for those who were ritually unclean when the first date came around. It wasn’t until I sat down to write this, more than two decades after accepting the yoke of the mitzvos on myself as a young adult with a secular background, that […]

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