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Spiritual Growth for Jews

Kiruv Models

I look at the different kiruv (bringing one close to Torah Judaism) groups and organizations around I often find that while each has their own derech of outreach methods and techniques there are some striking similarities between different organizations and several successful businesses. Each kiruv group is a kli (vessel) for Hashem to bring others […]

Rebbetzin Heller on April 30th and Rabbi Schwartz on May 1st in KGH

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller will be speaking for Women in Kew Gardens Hills: Monday, April 30th At 2:00 PM in a private home, email us for details “Taking Tehillim to the Next Level” At 8:30 PM at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel 147-02 73rd Avenue “Finding Inspiration From Within”. Shiurim Series in Kew Gardens Hills with Rabbi Dovid […]

JIBs, Melava Malkas, Shabbatons, Shiurim

Jib Awards: First round voting for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards (JIBs) is underway and closes Sunday night. Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Jewish Religious Blog. Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Group Blog. Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Torah Blog. We wrote […]

The Great Fruity Pebbles Fiasco

By Chaya Linn Act I – I’m doing laundry, the day before Pesach. Kim’s got stupid songs playing, Take me home, country road… Sorry about that. Now you’re humming it, aren’t you? She likes it, though. She’s dancing all around as she folds laundry. Act II I lost it totally tonight. I leave for one […]

Attention: New BTs

On the road to learning more about Judaism, you are likely to encounter some obstacles. Having traveled on this road for 5 years and experiencing some highs and lows, I feel that I am in an excellent position to assist those of you who are currently struggling with issues and maybe even prevent some problems […]

On Marrying Off Another Daughter

With much appreciation to Hashem we saw the marriage of our second daughter last month, just a little over a year after our first daughter was married. Last year when I wrote here about the marriage of our first daughter I wrote in the comment section, ” Stay tuned, my next daughter will be going […]

A Few Reasons to Vote for Beyond BT in the JIB Awards

Please go vote for us in the JIB awards, because a vote for Beyond BT is a vote for … Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Group Blog. Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Jewish Religious Blog. Go here to vote for Beyond BT in Best Torah Blog. We’ll […]


Note to readers: These questions are a compilation of some of the many that I have been asked over the years by children who have lost parents and/or the surviving parent/stepparent of the children. Please pass this along to anyone on your email list that may find this to be helpful. May the dissemination of […]

The Ultimate BT and The Omer

I am thinking of a man by the name of Ben Kalba Savua. Ben Kalba was a wealthy Jew who made a fortune in both the meat and textile industries. One of his employees was a JFB, which means a John Fitzgerald…oops…excuse means a Jew From Birth. I don’t know how frum this Jew […]

It’s All In There

In my first Teshuva Journey column from The Jewish Press that appeared on BeyondBT, I wrote about the who, what, where, when and how of my journey back to Judaism, but the one question I did not fully answer is why. Answering that question is actually much more challenging than tackling all of the previous […]

Living in Highland Park, NJ as a BT

I remember like it was yesterday, four years ago, when we took our first look at Highland Park, NJ with a real estate agent. We had made the decision as a family to move to the area because we wanted to put our three then elementary-aged children into a yeshiva that separated the boys and […]

JIB Awards and Pirkei Avos

The JIB (Jewish and Israeli Blogger) Award nominations are open. The awards bring an awareness of some of the great Jewish blogs out there. If there are any particular posts you like, you can nominate them for the Best Jewish Religious Post and the Best Torah Post Nominations. We’re not such big fans of the […]

Life Through Orange-Tinted Glasses

Before we moved to Israel, I’d barely heard about Gush Katif, knew anyone who lived there, or ever visited the place itself. We moved the day of the disengagement in 2005, when all that changed and Gush Katif hit the headlines. I’ve moved around a lot as a young teenager and young adult, and I […]

You Have Reached the Voice Mail of Shloimie Sprintzer

Hello, you have reached the voice mail of Shloimie Sprintzer. I am currently davening. Please choose from one of the following options. To leave a message, press 1. To leave a message for me to call you back during kriyas haTorah, press 2. To text-message me, so I can respond during Shmoneh Esrei, press 3. […]

Life Lessons from Our Jet Blue Flight

Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer My wife and I were recently invited to Los Angeles. We were very excited because this would be my first opportunity to present my new book on the West Coast. On February 14th, Valentines Day morning, we boarded a Jet Blue red-eye flight destined for Burbank, California. Our flight, apparently, wasn’t meant […]

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