A Purim Thought and Some Links

Rabbi Lazer Brody’s Purim Foto-Festival.

The Purim Podcast is available at Jameel’s and Ezzie’s sites.

And here’s a brief Purim Thought:

In the Maftir leining on Parshas Zochor, there is a discussion of the proper pronunciation of the word Zecher, so we re-read that phrase or the whole posuk. It’s ironic that the only Torah reading that fulfills a Biblical Commandment contains a built in question. As you many know the gematria of Amalek is the same as that of Safek, which means doubt. Amalek’s role is to cast a doubt on the existence of Hashem. So perhaps we have a Safek on this leining to bring about an awareness of our doubts or perhaps Amalek is sowing the seeds of doubt even as we lein about destroyinh him, awakening us to what a foe his philosophy really is.

3 comments on “A Purim Thought and Some Links

  1. OMG, you’re right this IS the only site that if you enter beyondbt.com, it will bring you here. Quite amazing.

    BTW- This wasn’t Ezzie’s podcast. It was Jameels. Ezzie was merely Jameel’s “igor”

  2. Thanks for the insight. I especially enjoyed that Purim was preceded by Shabbos this year—there was lots of time to read just before the Chag!! Mishpacha magazine had 2 great articles: one a historical, archeological look at Megillas Ester, and another, a look at “ad delo yoda” as a gift for spiritual elevation. Also looked at the Targum sheni commentaries on the megilla, with many interesting insights.

    Although I love the holidy and the rich lessons it affords, this year I also had a new challenge to be B’simcha when circumstances would have led to a much different mood….after spending a week in the hospital with a sick parent, and older kids who just weren’t focused on the chag, it was a struggle to stay on a joyful track. This, too, was an opportunity for growth.

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